Declare the GOC elections void!!!

Three weeks have passed since the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) held its 2013 Special Quadrennial General Meetings for Elections (SQGM) and it seems to me that only a handful of Grenadians are seriously concerned about the future of our sports men and women, based on our seemingly lack of interest in condemning the Elections which were undoubtedly conducted in a shady, corrupt and unconstitutionally manner. Over the past two decades millions of dollars have been spent on Sports Policy, Sports Administration, Officiating and Coaching Courses, Athletes Development Programs including foreign and local athletes. What has been the return on our … Continue reading

The abused and forgotten youth

“A lesson in hypocrisy 101.1” The scene outside courthouses at any parish in Grenada tells a troubling and sad story about the life of “Grenada’s abused and forgotten youth” – the harsh, shameful truth – a story of denial, and confusion. Many stand alone shaking with fear, others with the pseudo gangland style macho image that instantly vanishes before a Magistrate. With no parent, no guardian, no legal counsel, it’s no bail and more jail. The preoccupation with material things: new electronic gadgetry, upmarket telephones, exotic cars, and a life of luxury are the “Children of Modern Day parents.” Many … Continue reading

The greatest weapons of our politicians are often lies

  Recently in Barbados, in delivering the annual Errol Barrow lecture, Dr. Frank Alleyne, a top Barbadian economist, stressed the importance of small Caribbean states, developing what he referred to as an intelligent population, for the development of self-sufficient economies. In saying this, Dr. Alleyne was quick to point out what he meant by an intelligent population was not being merely certificated, but having the ability to analyse issues, which to my mind would include the willingness to do self analysis and be self-critical. He lamented that our economies were still too structurally dependent on those of the developed world, … Continue reading

What democracy is at stake?

After reading the article published in a number of weeklies under a similar title written in the affirmative, I must confess that it left me and I am sure many others in a state of astonishment. Presumably the same feeling a large number of devotees of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) felt after the result of the February 19, 2013 election was announced. The heading is not only utterly misleading but speaks directly to the state of paranoia which existed in Grenada over the past 4 1⁄2 years, something the majority of Grenadians decided they wanted no part of. According … Continue reading

The attitude of public officers

The million-dollar question that can be asked about public officers is what can be done to change their work ethics. I must confess, there are some of them that display excellent qualities on the job day after day. However, the vast majority of them leave a lot to be desired. They come to work any time and they leave when they feel like. At times during the working day they disappear for long periods unknown to their Supervisors. Their behaviour towards the public is like you are disturbing them from their sleep in the middle of the night. They generally … Continue reading

A Tragic Accident

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news this morning of Mott Green, founder of Grenada Chocolate Company tragic accident on June 1, 2013. Grenada Chocolate Company creates pure Organic Chocolate in a factory that is located in the lush cocoa groves of the rainforest in Grenada. Grenada Chocolate Company is an Organic Cocoa Farmers and Chocolate-Makers’ Cooperative. I met Mott Green at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, WA last year. During the presentation I remember hearing Mott say that they are a small scale, small batch chocolate maker concerned for the environment. They have over 200 acres … Continue reading

The run mouth minister

I am not one who likes to write letters to the newspapers on anything happening in the country. However, I am now forced to do so after watching a programme on GBN TV on Monday night in which the Minister of Economic Planning and Development, the Hon. Oliver Joseph was one of the guests. The Minister was less than truthful to the nation when he said that NNP increased the debts when it was forced to borrow money after Ivan to help rebuild the country. I invite the Minister and Parliamentary Representative for St. David’s to inform the nation where, … Continue reading

Thinking and learning about appointments

A new Government will set-up itself through a series of appointments. Therefore, appointments tell a powerful story about the intentions and plans of a Government. They disclose and foretell much of what can be expected of and with the particular Government. You may well find it very revealing to conceive of appointments through its various species, namely; i. Appointments (pure and in order) ii. Re-appointments (being appointed for another time, perhaps after retirement or dismissal, as in the case of persons at the National Lotteries Authority, via political fiat) iii. Non-appointments (not giving an appointment that was expected) iv. ‘Un-appointments’ … Continue reading

Sexual harassment at work

The writer hopes that republication of this article will raise greater awareness that harassment of women, especially of the youth, continues unabated despite the efforts of governmental agencies and international women rights organisations to stamp out this despicable practice. An appeal is made to young women, in particular those new to the workplace, to read this article carefully – know and exercise your rights – liberate yourselves! Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. The legal definition: unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, severe or pervasive, affecting working conditions or creating a hostile work environment. … Continue reading

Free will

Much is said for or against the administrative/administration of our tri-island state, who administered our country and very much so the economy. I will like to comment on one recent announcement made by the present administration about what is needed to enable the State and its people to move ahead for the betterment of all. It claims that the country/government not only owe many entities locally, but also regionally and internationally and since there is no money in the Treasury, but rather claims among them claims to the tune of ninety eight million dollars owed to locals, therefore, there is … Continue reading