‘Hope’ to NDC-ites

Death puts an end to the physical body. The flesh with all its vanities and sinfulness is no more, but the Spirit is alive and active, it still has work to do. Nothing can be done with a body that is dead. It cannot be healed. It cannot be restored. It has no senses. It has no purpose. But believers know that death is not the end of all life. They also know that before bodily death sets in we have the promise of both physical and spiritual life. To gain further ordinary life in the face of imminent or … Continue reading

Do more for the victims and their families

Many people are observing that prisoners, who would have committed heinous crimes against person or persons, are being treated with greater interest and fairness than the victims and the victim’s family. In recent times, we have witnessed Organisation such as Human Rights Watch etc., becoming more embolden and forcibly ensuring that prisoners who are doers of serious crimes are given maximum privileges and special consideration in preference over those they have committed the crimes against. As a result of such cozy and protective treatment to those prisoners, the would-be criminals, may be encouraged to commit similar acts against other citizens … Continue reading


For a party that promised all kinds of pie in the sky deals during its past thirteen years, most of which never materialized, and to be allowed back in the driver’s seat now fooling us again sure is stupid on our part. But it takes only an immature and impatient section of our population to have been fooled so easily once again. During the last election campaign the NNP in its vintage form promised the sky and to bring water in a basket to Grenadians, particularly our youths who fell for it again. Some of us who studied the NNP … Continue reading

NNP false promises and bold face lies

We will deliver lies and false promises. Is Political Correctness a case of giving hope or spreading lies! * CCC work will start by the beginning of July. * Nobody will be victimized, nobody will be sent home * There is a lot of activity on the docks * We have a plan to rescue Grenada * We have reduced substantially unpaid claims in the Treasury * Busmen are making 6 and 7 full trips from the country to town * We will restructure the National Debt * We will discontinue the Free School Programme only in Private Schools. These … Continue reading

Putting the Revo behind us

In the June 21st 2013 edition of New Today there appeared an article by Tennyson Joseph entitled “A healing begins”. He reported that over 400 Caribbean scholars and researchers from the Caribbean and the diaspora assembled in Grenada in June 2013 for the 34th Caribbean Studies Association annual conference. He claims that it provided an opportunity for at least three generations of Caribbean academics to reflect on the Grenada Revolution, breaking a 30 year silence. Despite this “silence”, he claims that there has been a “hodgepodge of deliberate and unplanned potpourri of misinformation, propaganda and emotive responses masquerading as analyses … Continue reading

Professionals or house slaves

During the past years, particularly during the period 1995 to 2008 we have witnessed the complete partisan polarisation of our public service in ways we could never have imagined. Most of us would have seen black movies about slavery and are familiar with the term house slave, a house slave is one who gets the privilege of working in the comforts of massa’s house and therefore is entitled to a little more than the other slaves. It is sad that we have persons in the service today behaving in like manner. One such example is a big boy in the … Continue reading

The Case for Debt Forgiveness

The Congress party doctrine of playing the game of brinkmanship with serious issues proved to be disastrous. The harsh reality now is that we have a national debt we will never be able to repay, and we dare not play games with it. Chief Economic Advisor, Dr Patrick Antoine, and the Conference of Churches raised the idea of debt forgiveness, not as wishful thinking, but as a mechanism that is already working for dozens of debt-stressed, underdeveloped countries like Grenada around the world. As debt forgiveness movements gain momentum it is imperative that we get on board. This discourse advocates … Continue reading

Financial failures

I, Brian Pitt, a survivor of hurricane IVAN of 2004, and a victim of NALGICO’s collapse, still await the settlement of outstanding insurance claim and default judgment, in the amount of $273,296.41, plus interest. This letter is a gentle reminder to the following persons of interest:   *The Minister of Finance in 2004; *The Permanent Secretary, Finance and Supervisor of Insurance in 2004; *The Acting Permanent Secretary and Supervisor of Insurance 2005; *The Directors of NALGICO 2004: David S. Phillip, Jerome Joseph, Sherron Mc Leish *The Shareholders of NALGICO 2004: David S. Phillip, David Neckles, Grenville Vale Estates.   I … Continue reading

Carriacou in Turmoil!!!

“Your services are no longer required”, the reason given to over 20 young people by the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs for the termination of their jobs. But is this in keeping with the message of “the politics of spite and hate is over and no victimisation, just do the people’s job” by Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell? Well, the actions by the Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs along with the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Gertrude Niles have definitely shown otherwise. From since assuming office … Continue reading

Open letter to Hon. Anthony Boatswain

Hon. Anthony Boatswain Minister of Education Ministry of Education St Georges.   Sir,   Just before the 2008 general election the St. Patrick Multi Purpose Training Centre was transferred to the T. A. Marryshow Community College. You were the M.P. for the constituency then. That was regrettable a tragic mistake. Technical education St Patrick then took a nose dive and has since been going downwards. This noble Institution (SPMTS) from its inception catered for both students who were academically inclined and those who were more skills oriented. This included the students who did not enter secondary schools, those who dropped … Continue reading