NDC tells gov’t to come clean amidst CBI allegations

The Keith Mitchell-led government in St. George’s is being called upon to come clean with the nation regarding conflicting statements made by three senior government ministers in connection with the 3-year-old Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme. Speaking at a press conference last week Monday, Deputy Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Joseph Andall called on the New National Party (NNP) administration to address allegations about the CBI passport-selling scheme, which he argued has been “operating under a cloud of secrecy, suspicion, rumours and allegations. “We have been bombarded in recent times with allegations of shady dealings … Continue reading

You had your time God next

If there is a mixture of flooding or the Sodom/ Gomorrah experience would that feel good? Grenada’s Debt of over $2.6 billion plus 86.7 million pre-election budgets indicate the loose manner in which our economy is managed. It is like a loose man gone mad and upon this starts a foundation to destroy the nation’s children from primary school. Despite the massive intake of revenue by the NNP administration we have witnessed an increase of the national Debt; shouldn’t it be the opposite? NNP administration must be guilty of massive wastage in many areas resulting in an invisible bag pack … Continue reading

Rape of twelve year old girl

The Grenada Association of Professional Social Workers (GAPSW) is outraged by the recent rape of a twelve-year old girl by three older men. Over the years there has been an increase in sex crimes in Grenada, as shown by the number of cases that come before the courts, and once again, this incident highlights the high prevalence of sex crimes in our society against minors. Sex crimes are heinous crimes they leave long lasting scars and without appropriate treatment the pain can be too much to bear. This can often result in serious psychological problems in adulthood, such as Post … Continue reading


With Digicel’s Unlimited Rollover Data and Talk, lost data and talk are a thing of the past. Last week, the total communications and entertainment provider announced that prepaid and postpaid customers can browse, stream, share and chat to their hearts content on Digicel’s 4G/LTE network and roll over their unused data and talk to use whenever they choose – without losing their data or worrying about overages. A first for Grenada, customers will find Unlimited Rollover Data and Talk easy to understand and easy to use. By simply buying and renewing their Quick Pick bundle before it expires as a … Continue reading

Co-op Bank maintains highest customer service rating among local commercial banks

For a second consecutive year, the Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd., (Co-op Bank) is maintaining the highest customer service rating among commercial banks on the island, with an overall rating of 86% for 2017. However, this year’s figure represents a 4% drop compared to last year’s figure of 90%. This information was disclosed by bank officials during a press conference at Venus Bar and Restaurant in Grand Anse last week Thursday. Commenting on the rating, the bank’s Executive Manager in Charge of Corporate Banking, Floyd C. Dowden said, “We are still in the high 80’s, which we consider exceptional”, and that … Continue reading

Biography of Fr. Clyde Harvey – the new Catholic Bishop

Bishop-elect Fr. Clyde Martin Harvey was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad on November 9, 1948, the son of Lyndon Inniss and Beryl Harvey. He attended Moulton Hall Methodist School and Belmont Boys’ Intermediate RC School, winning a college exhibition to St. Mary’s College in 1960. There he was an all-round student, representing the college in basketball and public speaking. When the first group of college prefects was chosen, Clyde Harvey was one of them. Later, along with Michael Mansoor and Neil Rolingson he was one of the ‘last of the Greeks’ – the last three students to study Greek … Continue reading

Garbage bins on La Sagesse beach

The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations-Grenada (IFMSA) in association with the Grenada Human Rights Organisation (GHRO) Inc are reaching out to the users of the La Sagesse beach in St. David. The two have joined forces in an initiative promoted by Stacey Gomez of IFMSA and colleagues with support from the GHRO Inc to manage garbage disposal at the beach and surrounding areas. Following a visit to the beach during the observance of World Consumer Rights Day in March and a subsequent visit by members of the Students’ Associations, the need for the bins was identified, which gave rise … Continue reading

Grenada to host October CTO conference

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) State of the Industry Conference (SOTIC) which is carded for October 9-13, 2017 will be held in Grenada. Considered the region’s premier tourism forum, the conference takes place at the Radisson Grand Beach Resort, Grand Anse, and will bring together senior industry decision makers and interested partners to address the biggest concerns and opportunities for Caribbean tourism. SOTIC 2017 was launched in Grenada at a press conference featuring Government of Grenada, CTO and Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) officials. The theme for this year is “Supercharging the Caribbean Brand: Meeting the Needs of the New Explorer.” … Continue reading

Bachannal in the NNP House

The late Sir Herbert Blaize once said, “What goes around, comes around”. After the 2013 elections, the old guard took their familiar seats and a new crop of ‘wet behind the ears” politicians with deep pockets stumbled into our parliament. A motor car salesman was named as foreign minister but did not last long as he behaved as if the foreign relations of the country was the same as selling KIA motor vehicles. ”Xandra” then found out that there is only one male rat in the NNP house. Pure Grenada became the buzzword as Grenada was no longer deemed Spicy … Continue reading

Not a fetus but chicken parts

The area was cordoned off by members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) as many curious onlookers flocked into an alley in the city following reports that a fetus was found in the area. The ally links Melville Street with Halifax Street in the town of St. George. A Reporter from THE NEW TODAY rushed to the scene and was able to speak with the person who allegedly found the parts. He described it to be a curved shape in a bag and thought it to be “two to three months old.” RGPF later issued a statement indicating that … Continue reading