Sexual harassment at work

The writer hopes that republication of this article will raise greater awareness that harassment of women, especially of the youth, continues unabated despite the efforts of governmental agencies and international women rights organisations to stamp out this despicable practice. An appeal is made to young women, in particular those new to the workplace, to read this article carefully – know and exercise your rights – liberate yourselves! Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. The legal definition: unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, severe or pervasive, affecting working conditions or creating a hostile work environment. … Continue reading

Free will

Much is said for or against the administrative/administration of our tri-island state, who administered our country and very much so the economy. I will like to comment on one recent announcement made by the present administration about what is needed to enable the State and its people to move ahead for the betterment of all. It claims that the country/government not only owe many entities locally, but also regionally and internationally and since there is no money in the Treasury, but rather claims among them claims to the tune of ninety eight million dollars owed to locals, therefore, there is … Continue reading

Governor-General and national flag

I take this opportunity to first congratulate Dr. Cecile La Grenade on her appointment and wish her good health and best wishes during her term of office. It behooves all persons to refer to the Governor-General with the proper designation applicable to the holder of that high office as laid down in the Constitution of Grenada, Chapter II Section 19, reads as follows: “There shall be a Governor-General of Grenada who shall be appointed by Her Majesty’s representative in Grenada”. Nowhere in the Constitution is the Governor-General referred to as “HEAD OF STATE”. It follows that it is erroneous for … Continue reading

Minister, please provide the evidence

May 17th 2013   Mrs Delma Thomas Minister Ministry of Social Development & Housing Botanical Gardens Tanteen St. George’s Grenada   Dear Minister Thomas,   It is with a sense of utter dismay and disappointment that I engage you in this matter, having been privy to the purported reason for my dismissal. After being unprofessionally informed of my dismissal via the telephone on Labour Day, your recent statement and written communication to the World Bank indicating that my immediate dismissal was as a direct result of my incompetence and lack of caring for the poor and vulnerable given the nature … Continue reading

Let the real Pundits stand up

The time for a national think tank has come. In Grenada everybody is an authority on everything. Wannabees masquerading dubious credentials pontificate over the national airwaves like pundits and gurus. Moreover, talk show hosts and journalists cannot ask intelligent questions without professional acumen acquired through individual study and indepth research analysis of topic areas. And without serious fact check mechanisms to challenge the credibility of fly-by-night experts, the media is a free-for-all, photogenic showcase for the dissemination of misinformation, half truths, and often downright lies. The public interest is not served. In this scenario politics and economics are the usual … Continue reading

The Caravan of Hope

It’s rather unfortunate that our beloved country is becoming a land where if you are not of the same party and do not share the same view that you are treated differently and as though you are not a GRENADIAN. Over the past 90 days of the New National Party’s return into office, we have seen a number of persons moved around, up and down the service and in all cases it is simply because the government of the day do not want to work with these persons. Some of these Civil Servants are hard working and dedicated and do … Continue reading

Real stupidness!!!

I voted for Dr. Keith and NNP in the last election not because of the promise to deliver goodies to the people. My vote was based on what Dr. Keith was saying on the platform that he was a changed man and victimization of persons perceived to be his opponents will not happen. This was a good thing to bring healing to the nation. Today, I am not sure that the Doc is sticking to the promise. I could understand the decision to remove the Commissioner of Police because National Security has to be conducted on the basis of trust. … Continue reading

Art Exhibition with a difference

At 6 pm on Friday May 10th 2013 the ECIP art exhibition opened at the Grenada National Museum. Thirty five (35) paintings, the art work of children with special needs, were put on display and offered for sale by a bidding process. By 8pm, on the exhibition’s opening day, all thirty-five of the paintings had been sold. The exhibition continues at the museum until May 17, where all of the art work including some of the volunteers’ pieces would remain on display. Most of the people attending the show’s opening day, including myself, were both surprised and highly impressed with … Continue reading

Towards a single Grenadian political tribe

It’s official! Peter said he wanted an end to tribal politics, but his newly-beloved leader (PM Mitchell) is only prepared to pay $40,000 to achieve it! In a manner of speaking, poor Peter gets only forty pieces of ‘green-tarnished’ silver for his beguiled efforts! So the creation of one Grenadian tribe, presumably led by Keete as chief and Peete as shadowy-chief; conceived in political intrigue and dreams of a one-party state, cannot be accepted as a serious goal of national development. If you run a country for thirteen straight years, and a mere four years later you are posing disunity … Continue reading

Time to deliver

Grenada real nice for so. Ah can’t leave here and go any other place to live because ah go miss out on the jokes among the people. Let me say from the start that I am a strong supporter of the NNP and got most of my family members to vote for the Doc in the last election because of the promise to deliver to the people much better than what the NDC was doing in office. Some of the people start watching me with bad eye but ah not bothering with that. I did what I had to do … Continue reading