NDC Convention cremated the remains of the Gang Members by The Stone Crusher The entire gang has finally been cremated! They got the surprise of their lives when they were expelled by resolution from the National Democratic Congress (NDC). They did not see it coming! If they were paying attention from the inception of their acceptance into the party, they would have heard the response Uncle Tilly gave to his former prison mate (Leslie Pierre) in a public discussion to the magical question: “What if the new entrants to the party under his leadership try what they tried on Maurice … Continue reading

Tenth anniversary of EPA Negotiations: Not a time for celebration

September 27, 2012 marked the tenth anniversary of the beginning of negotiations for Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union (EU) and the 79-member countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group.  But, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) throughout Europe say it is not a time for celebration. According to a joint statement issued by many of the NGOs, “10 years on, EPA negotiations continue to be fraught with concerns that, far from supporting development efforts and promoting regional integration, will do more harm than good”. This anniversary has prompted protests in Brussels, the location of the EU headquarters, and … Continue reading


What we need in our struggling Tri-Island State – in the existing circumstances now rising up all around us – is to proclaim a set of principles and live by them. Members of any Government must proceed with manifest integrity and humility.  And where these are absent, any attempts of trying to communicate with the people will only create more confusion and mistrust. These past two years, at least, have been so disappointing and frustrating – that to get a reasonable number of those who fell for, and relied on the promises and nice-sounding phrases of the divided group, to … Continue reading

The hypocrisy of it all

It is hypocritical in the extreme. The US Trade Representative has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) claiming that the Peoples’ Republic of China has given “extensive subsidies” to Chinese companies that produce automobiles and automobile parts for export. This is the same US government that is effectively allowing rum produced in two of its Caribbean territories to be extensively subsidised to the detriment of rum producers in non-US Caribbean countries, even though this damage has been pointed out to US President Barack Obama in a letter from the Prime Minister of St Lucia, Dr. Kenny Anthony, … Continue reading


There was so much hope, and expectations, and solid promises, and a genuine need for a brand new beginning in 2008 – to move our people from where they had unfortunately found themselves, to some safer place where they could have lived in peace, with trust and confidence in those they had chosen to lead their public affairs, and chart a course towards a brighter and more prosperous future in the years ahead – that those who had been replaced by the majority of the Eleven against Four, really and truly felt that the change was for keeps. But here … Continue reading

Sunday is Decision Day for The Gang

By Stone Crusher This column seems to be unsettling to many of the leftover leftists of the 1979-83 era who just don’t get it that Grenadians are not interested in them and what they are selling. This country is not going back into those dark days when the little toddler with  the AK-47 was more powerful than the Governor-General or the Commissioner of Police. The twelve year old with the gun who was a member of the militia could just summons the PRA Chief for the area and in a split second Tom, Dick or Harry was on his way … Continue reading

September 30th is cremation day for the gang

By Stone Crusher The recent election of new executives members  for constituency branches in the South East St. George and South St. George constituencies must confirm to those in denial how much NDC rank and file supporters do not want the “gang man” and his infidels anywhere near the NDC leadership. How much longer would this “red nastiness or communist” continue to live in denial and fail to accept that all of them in the gang are politically dead and finished? According to a morning radio personality in the North – both the gang man and the box head casino … Continue reading

A Dark Time for the Caribbean

The importance of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries acting jointly to address their development needs has become acute. With high levels of debt to GDP ratios, widening budget deficits, deteriorating terms of trade, dwindling aid flows, and shocks to their economies by a decline in tourism earnings and a grave contraction of the financial services sector, the majority of CARICOM countries are reeling. Guyana and Suriname are the notable exceptions having recorded steady economic growth in recent years, largely due to export earnings from their mineral resources especially gold. In my last commentary I drew attention to the real possibility … Continue reading

The economy standstill – but more parties

No one in the Government seems prepared to tell our people exactly where monies are coming from to pay salaries and meet other expenses, or to finance the bursted Budget  – so quite naturally speculation is running wild and having a hey dey. Neither the Minister of Finance, as the person whose primary responsibility is centered in and around the financial matters of the state, nor the Prime Minister – as the leader of the pack who has to answer to the people in the final analysis – seem prepared, able, or willing to say it as it is. And … Continue reading

Nothing new from Peter David

By Stone Crusher The Kirani James euphoria in the country forced The Stone Crusher to take a back seat and allow the Jaguar to get all the recognition and praise that he deserved. Now that the 400 metre King has taken his exit, the crusade has to resume in order to rid Grenada and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of the evil elements of the RMC/OREL brigands. The forces of evil must be totally decimated by September 30 in order to allow good to prevail in this fair Isle of Spice. The recently announced decision of Peter David to not … Continue reading