Long rope for ‘marga’ goat!

By Stone Crusher Old people always say – long rope for “marga” goat. Now that the gang man is on the run with the PM  in control, an olive branch must be sent out to most of those who were misguided by the red nastiness. However, this olive branch should not include persons like the big head casino man, drunkard, and false prophet/pastor whose claim to fame is that he can’t speak English and dunce as the back of a spoon. They must go with the gang leader and form their own party and leave NDC to NDC’ites. Both he … Continue reading

Holding up a Torch for Life: regulating weapons

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries joined dozens of other nations in fighting for a robust and comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during negotiations at the United Nations headquarters in New York from 2 to 27 July, but their efforts were frustrated by President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign team. The Caribbean countries have very good reason for wanting a strong ATT. In recent years, these countries have become the hapless victims of the illegal trade in guns associated with drug trafficking. There has been an overwhelming escalation in violent killings even in the smallest of the Caribbean countries; some of them directed at … Continue reading

Rum parting the ways between US and the Caribbean

The rum industry in the non-US countries in the Caribbean is now under serious threat. At risk are the jobs of 15,000 workers directly employed in the industry and another 60,000 jobs that benefit from it. Apart from employment, non-US Caribbean countries face the loss, annually, of US$700 million in foreign exchange and over US$250 million in tax revenues at a time they can ill afford it. There is evidence that Barbados is already being adversely affected and the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago are under immediate threat. As I pointed out in a commentary in May this … Continue reading

People’s Power in the gang man tail!

by Stone Crusher There is absolutely no doubt that NDC’s last executive meeting (Thursday 26th July) was a true demonstration of PEOPLE’S POWER. It was a true revolution where the democrats voted against the dictatorship of a small minority. This makes the difference and will ensure that the kind of October 19, 1983 seizure of power by the OREL clique in a bloody coup killing of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop will not happen in our fair isle. The red nastiness that has arisen within the bowels of the Congress party – similar to Bernard Coard in NJM – will be … Continue reading

Gang Man and his glorified secretary were absent

By Stone Crusher As a school child when you beat a frog – as soon as you deliver the first blow and it turns over, it pretends to be totally knocked out and if you were to surrender when you depart (never mind for how short a period) upon return to look for the frog – it is gone.  So the gang man is behaving with his skullduggery deceitful self. Although the gang man has been decimated and his surrogates admitting they have lost the battle against Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC – Tillman Thomas – in … Continue reading

Making the judgement on Obama

The prospects of Barack Obama being re-elected as President of the United States of Amrerica appear to be hanging in the balance. The latest Times/CBS poll in the US shows that the race between him and Republican Candidate, Mitt Romney, is essentially tied. The economy is the dominant factor in the campaign, and that is not going well for Obama. Economic growth slowed to roughly two percent between January and March, and experts estimated that it weakened further up to June. Job growth is also reported to have slumped in the April-June quarter after some growth between January and March. … Continue reading

Leadership needed to resolve trade issues with Europe

A copy paper manufacturer in a Caribbean country is facing closure of his business and his 300 employees are likely to lose their jobs because he woke up a few days ago to the reality that tariffs had been removed from a similar product imported from the European Union (EU). The removal of the tariffs on copy paper from the EU was one of the commitments made by the government of the Caribbean country under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed in 2008 by the 27-EU nations collectively and Caribbean countries individually. What is alarming about this development is that … Continue reading

Election victory possible – says Party Secretary

Last weekend saw the division within the NDC party, in its most glaring showcase nationwide, since the confusion and the political chaos became apparent. And to add more drama to the nation’s ongoing party politics ups and downs and sideways, the opposition NNP also had its Convention and a public meeting at Grenville – while the NDC Executive held its cook-up and fun day at St. David’s, and the Government of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas had a Thanksgiving and celebratory get-together at Gouyave. Two or three of the Government M.P’s attended both the St. David’s and Gouyave celebrations, while the … Continue reading

No more October 19th in Grenada again

By: Stone CRUSHER The supporters of the ruling NDC have spoken loudly and clearly about their wish not to have the red nastiness and his rebels lead their party. This could not have been made clearer than on Sunday 8th July, 2012 when the rebels ceased to exist as any political force within the party. It is quite clear to see that they remain stubborn and want to hold on to their plan to sabotage the party’s chances at the polls constitutionally due in 2013. The question many are asking is why would they who have been spat out by … Continue reading

This is no time for a weaker Caribbean Community

At the opening of the 33rd Conference of the 15-Nation Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), the incoming Chairman, St Lucia’s Prime Minister, Kenny Anthony, called on governments of the region to “develop a common policy and programme for engagement with new and emerging global partners”. The words “common policy” are especially significant, and it has to be assumed that he did not use them lightly. As small, vulnerable countries, lacking in military capacity or economic clout, effective diplomacy is the best tool available to them. And, while, from time to time, these small countries have scored impressive diplomatic victories … Continue reading