WWE SmackDown Results (12/30) – Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn Vs. John Cena & Kevin Owens, new women’s champions, Drew McIntyre returns

Wyatt introduces himself and then says that he tries to be a good person but doesn’t think he’s a good person. He doesn’t regret most of the terrible things he’s done to get to where he is now, but he does regret hitting the cameraman last week.

LA Night’s music hits and he cuts Wyatt off. Wyatt is a “master of mind games,” he says, but he’s being played by him. He says Wyatt was too concerned with “paying one of his own” to come to the ring dressed as Uncle Howdy, and then says he was a force to be reckoned with. He claims to have been something of a figure, but has recently been proven to be a fraud. He says he has the cure, then says that as the “Royal Rumble” approaches, he’ll celebrate his inauguration by beating Wyatt’s ass.

Wyatt asks Knight who he thinks he is, then says it’s time to remind the world how cruel he can be when he feels the way he does. He then accepts the knight’s challenge.

Uncle Howdy appears in Titan Tron and then says “You are what you are” and “Embrace the darkness”. He walks out to the ring in an all white ensemble and slowly makes his way to the ring. He leaves his hat on the apron and walks in to glare at both Knight and Wyatt. He clocks Wyatt as Knight rolls to the outside. He grabs his hat and goes behind.

We go backstage and see Sami Zayn knocking around The Bloodline’s dressing room. Paul Heyman emerges and the pair embrace. Heyman asks what he can do for him and Zayn says he wants to talk strategy with Reigns. Heyman says he’s been talking to Reigns and encouraging him on Reigns’ behalf. He imparts some wisdom to Zayn, and Heyman says that the world will praise Reign as the crowd sings to him. He adds that one must be three steps ahead at all times on the relevant island.

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Back from the break, The Brawling Brutes head to the ring, followed by Solo Chikova and The Usos.

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