Wordle clones have disappeared from the App Store

Did Apple take action against apps that cloned the popular web game Wordle? They have now disappeared from the App Store Many Publications (Including On the edge) Called it a flood of blatant copycats called “Wordle” and featured the same gameplay and UI, each taking advantage of the fact that developer Josh Ward did not create the Apple processor for himself. When you look at some clones in the App Store, they do not use the Wordlay name.

Clone applications have caught the attention of a developer today He began to brag about how many downloads his version of Wordlay was getting. Following some severe setbacks from the community, he set up his account privately, but people are already starting to find many such apps in the App Store.

Search results for Wordle today at 5PM ET show two clones.

Search Results for Wordle 8:08 PM ET – The first results are now five years old, and the story about Words With Friends 2.

Apple did not respond immediately On the edgeIt is a request to confirm that action was taken against Wordle-alikes, but it is unlikely that every developer decided to remove their application within about an hour. If Apple actually launches a crackdown on apps, it will significantly reduce the scales to protect the original game.

Despite similar high-level situations in the past – As Protocol Points out, Winged bird And Threes vs. 2048 Remember – it’s hard to think of a recent example where Apple entered as high as it did today. Apple One of its developer guidelines is the language of copycat, But it is remarkably vague: “Come up with your own ideas,” says Section 4.1. “Do not simply copy the latest popular app in the App Store or make some minor changes to another app’s name or UI and send it to your own.”

Have been Questions about how Apple handles blunt clones, Seems to allow things to slide in some cases. Since Wordle-alikes disappeared from the App Store, we may have a precedent for how similar it is.

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