USMNT Versus. El Salvador Score: Anthony Robinson’s goal gives Greg Berholder’s team another modest victory.

The American men’s national team, which beat El Salvador 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers on Thursday, has secured a place in Qatar. The Americans were far from sharp and missed clear chances in the first half, but won in the second half thanks to an elegant finish by Anthony Robinson. Fulham Fulbach scored two goals to qualify for the red, white and blue after his 52nd-minute strike.

After entering the day with a 5-3-1 record, the Americans realized they had a chance to establish their presence in one of the three live venues for the 2022 World Cup, and they did the job, albeit not reliably. On the bench with young star striker Ricardo Pepi, his old FC Dallas teammate Jesus Ferreira got his start. But the Colombian-born attacker missed a good chance and a golden chance in the opening 20 minutes.

The United States had 62.4% of 17 shots on the El Salvador Six, but the trick came back, with the visiting defense failing to react in a timely manner. See:

The United States recorded 2.98 xG, but while El Salvador won somewhat comfortably without moving forward, it could not take the chances to put it off. Hugo Perez’s page was just 0.20 xG in six total shots.

It looked like Weston McKennie had scored at the end of the match, but Greg Berholter spoke to the medical team that everyone would be evaluated before Sunday’s match against Canada. Paramount +. His tapping did not seem to be a concern.

Here are some tips from the competition:

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1. Robinson owns

Outside of McKennie, anyone on the Robinson national team can have excellent club form, and this is beginning to translate into success for the club and the country.

“We call our entire backs the superpower of our team. We do it because they produce, they give us this and the goals, so far if you look at qualifying for the World Cup,” Berholder said. “Our whole backs have contributed greatly, Sergino [Dest] There are goals and aids, Robinson has goals and aids, and there are aids to Yatlin. Our whole backs are great for us and they are a big part of how we play. “

Robinson’s self-confidence was evident in his backflip celebration and in his actions thereafter. He has not even appeared in a match for the club or the county since December. (This is a celebration that Berholder does not forbid)

Robinson’s 86 shots, three chances, three shots on goal and nine rebounds were the best performances Robinson has ever seen. He has come to his own in full back position and has become one of the biggest World Cup qualifiers in Qatar when it was the biggest question on the list before the qualifying round.

2. Never forget about the reliable Adams

If you do not hear the name of a defensive midfielder during a match, it means they were in excellent form. That was the case with Tyler Adams that night. Completing almost 90 percent of his passes, thwarting crucial El Salvador attacks and recovering more than 10 balls on the team, Adams did it all. In the second half, he did a defensive job of two midfielders, which allowed Berholter to push his other midfielders ahead, which reached the winning goal.

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The vision that he should always be where he should be is a great inspiration that will make Adams an amazing asset to this team. He became the most important member of the national team. He’s the engine will go on until he’s gone.

3. The first half drought will come back to bite them

The United States has scored two first-half goals in the World Cup qualifiers. Thursday, some of which came in line changes. Anthony Robinson, for example, did not know where Jesus Ferreira wanted the ball, which led to some tall crosses that had to be hit on the ground or played. When Berholder rotates his players – he has no choice but to play three games in six days – a mark and familiarity must be established at his center.

The return of Gio Raina to the qualifying window in March will alleviate some of those problems, but Berholder was unable to field the first team to make a set and it shows. They excelled in adjustment and development in the game in the second half – 11 goals in the second half throughout nine matches – but against the best opposition, their luck could be exhausted and slowly lead to starting points. Lost.

Having a good Christian policeman is also important because Berhalder dropped his first mate from the game. “Overall, Christian is pleased with the effort in the game,” Berholder said. “I think the performance could have been more, and looking at that moment of the game, we thought about where the game was going, and we wanted to get him down and get new legs.”

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For someone who excels at the ball, just 42 touches on the ball is not enough for the police. He created three chances, but they were small during the game and he could not get a shot towards the goal.

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