A St. George’s Magistrate’s Court has ordered Soubise, St. Andrew resident, 23-year old Shane Dominique to spend the next 24 months of his life confined to the Richmond Hill Prison for the offences of House Breaking and Stealing.

Magistrate Tahira Gellineau handed down the sentence at the St. George’s No. 2 Magistrate’s Court last week Thursday after the accused who goes by the alias ‘Sad,’ pleaded guilty to two (2) summary stealing charges and two (2) summary House Breaking charges.

Dominique was taken in by police for breaking into the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) agency office on Mockton Street in St. George’s and the Clico International General Insurance Ltd building on Young Street, St. George’s between December 27-28.

The police prosecution team, led by Police Constable (PC) Bing Joseph, told the court that the suspect had manipulated the security key pads at both buildings, stealing among other items, a sum of EC$1, 619.60 from the ECCB along with fake monies and EC$593.23 from Clico.

Dominique was arrested and charged for the offences after he turned himself in to police officers on January 23, one (1) day after a wanted man bulletin was issued for him.

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate Gellineau noted that Dominique, who was intelligently dressed in a long-sleeved white and blue dress shirt, long black jeans pants and wore a pair of glasses, has also not been attending counseling sessions for stealing as ordered by the court, among other penalties for the commission of prior offences.

“We are disappointed,” the female magistrate told him.

“I am disappointed in myself,” he replied and apologised to the court and the female Clico representative, who was the only person on the victim’s part that attended last week Thursday’s court hearing.

“I hope I would become a better person in the next two (2) to three (3) years,” he said, acknowledging that this time around, the court was mindful to give him a custodial sentence.

Dominique was sentenced to 24 months on the Stealing charge and 24 months for House Breaking, to run concurrently and was also ordered to undergo counseling for stealing.

The court also arranged a restitution order for the recovery of items that were stolen.

Magistrate Gellineau reminded Dominique that although he is going up to the prison, he is a young offender and still has time to get his life together and to make a valuable contribution to the country.

The accused is no stranger to the court and has a record of 33 previous convictions, the majority for matters of a similar nature.

He is known to have served a two (2) year prison term for possession of an illegal firearm.

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