NAWASA prepares to bring Christmas cheer

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is gearing up for its annual Christmas Food Hamper Promotion that will see some 35 beneficiaries receiving hampers bearing Christmas goodies.

Each year, the company has created an environment of cheer for individuals in various communities, who are without the means to acquire items that help to brighten the season.

As has been the case for the last fourteen (14) years, NAWASA will this year attempt to bring a measure of joy to some of its less fortunate customers.

Nominations for NAWASA’s annual Christmas Food Hamper Promotion are opened, giving individuals an opportunity to nominate someone, who they consider deserving, to receive one of the thirty-five (35) hampers that will be distributed during the week of December 18-20.

NAWASA’s Communications Supervisor, Jamila Samuel, notes that the company takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and is concerned with giving back to the communities in which it operates and serve.

“The community involves all of our consumers”, says Samuel, who highlights that “however challenged a consumer is, NAWASA is hoping to at least meet that level of challenge just for the holiday season”.

Excited that thirty-five (35) families will again have an opportunity to experience a jolly and bright Christmas thanks to NAWASA, Samuel indicates that individuals can identify someone within their community, who they consider as deserving of a Christmas Hamper, acquire a nomination form from any of the company’s cash offices in St. George’s, Gouyave, or Grenville; and submit their nomination by December 8th, the deadline for submission.

It must be noted however, that an individual can only nominate one person, who must be an active customer of NAWASA and is making ongoing payments to their account.

That individual must not be a beneficiary of government’s Assistance for the Needy Program.

NAWASA will investigate the eligibility of all nominees.

Many consider gift giving one of the most important features of Christmas and as Samuel explains, numerous individuals often look beyond their own needs in favour of nominating others.

“We have seen many cases of persons coming and they would say I am needy, this is my current situation, but Mr. John down the road deserves it more than I do”, highlights Samuel, who pointed to instances of that nature reminding company officials of the importance of the promotion to its customers “and this is why we have been doing it for fourteen years” she said.

Individuals are being encouraged to look within their communities for anyone they consider deserving of receiving the NAWASA Christmas Cheer.

“It’s all about NAWASA giving back, it’s all about understanding the important role that our consumers play in our operations, it’s understanding that around the holiday time, no one deserves to not have a jolly and a bright Christmas” said Samuel.

There is great joy in both giving and receiving and NAWASA through its Christmas Hamper Promotion hopes to simply bring joy to the hearts of those who need it most.

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