Earle Brathwaite – The man from Carriacou who made a name in Silicon Valley

Grenadian-born engineer, Nicholas Earle Brathwaite, son of the island’s fifth Prime Minister, the late Sir Nicholas Alexander Brathwaite was on Tuesday conferred with a Doctor of Laws Degree by Chancellor of McMaster University in Canada.

A graduate of the Canadian university, Dr. Brathwaite began his career with Intel Corporation in Barbados, where he contributed to a number of patented technologies.

Leaving Intel to co-found nChip, he led teams that developed products including PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, game consoles and power

When nCHIP was purchased by Flextronics in 1995, Dr. Brathwaite became Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company.

At the end of 2007, he retired from Flextronics and became a founding and co-equal partner of the private equity firm, Riverwood Capital.A respected corporate leader, Dr. Brathwaite serves on several boards of directors in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan and India and was Chairman and CEO of Aptina Imaging.

Brathwaite and his wife, Janice founded the PETNA Foundation to address important causes in his native Grenada and beyond.

The foundation’s programs have included full scholarships and other support for bright but “needy” students, rebuilding homes lost to natural disasters, providing access to computers and partnering with Grenada’s Ministries of Health and Education as well as New York University’s College of Dentistry to deliver a dental assessment and treatment program to all of Grenada’s public school students.

The foundation is currently working with McMaster University and the Ministry of Education in Grenada to revitalise T.A. Marryshow Community College and give it greater relevance.

A few years ago, Brathwaite received the University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor’s Award and an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the same institution.

THE NEW TODAY notes that the people of Carriacou and by extension mainland Grenada should be proud of “this humble son of the soil who continues to excel on the international stage”.

“We should all join in congratulating him and wishing him continued success as the only natural reward for all his commitment to excellence”, the paper said in a brief statement.

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