St. George’s Magistrate, Tahira Gellineau has put a St. Andrew man on $60 000 bail on a charge of being in possession of 113 grams of cocaine, valued at $11, 300 along with $545.00 worth of marijuana that were found inside a bag he was carrying on the Carenage.

Delon Niles – was found with over EC$11, 000 worth of cocaine in his possession

The drug suspect, Delon Niles of La Fillette, St. Andrew, appeared Monday before the No. 2 St. George’s Magistrate’s Court to face the indictable drug-related charges.

Magistrate Gellineau granted bail with 2 sureties to the 24-year-old Crane Operator who was apprehended last week Saturday morning by police officers who slapped 4 indictable charges on him – 2 for Possession of a Controlled Drug and 2 for Trafficking in a Controlled Drug.

The Police Prosecution did not object to bail being granted to the drug suspect but requested that the court impose special conditions on him to report to the Grenville Police Station twice weekly and to surrender all his travel documents.

However, his defense counsel, Attorney-at-law Arley Gill strongly objected to the terms set out by the Prosecution, describing them as “erroneous and unjustifiable.”

The Attorney argued that to “restrict” his client and “ask him to surrender all travel documents and not leave the state is discrimination against him and his profession” since Niles has an extremely strong defense” in the case being brought against him.

According to Gill, the bail conditions as set by the Prosecution “will put him on the breadline” and as such “it’s unfair – it discriminates against persons working on the sea compared to person working on land”.

The attorney urged the Magistrate to reduce on the reporting conditions to once weekly as his client works on a boat, which departs the island every Tuesday for neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago and returns on Fridays.

“In all the circumstances it makes sense for him to have gainful employment”, Gill said.

The Prosecution rebutted by pointing to the seriousness of the offences and that there is nothing in place to ensure that the drug accused will appear in court for his matter.

In response, Attorney Gill pointed out that this is the purpose of the suretors, who are mandated to ensure that accused persons appear in court for their matters.

Magistrate Gellineau eventually took the decision to only impose reporting conditions after a lengthy debate and Niles was ordered to report to the Grenville police station every Monday between the hours of 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

The La Fillette man is due to make his second appearance in court on December 7.

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