Victory for Helen Marie and Associates

Helen Marie and Associates has captured Queen of the Band while AJ and Associates walked away with the title of King of the Band on Carnival Sunday at the Dimanche Gras show at the national stadium at Queen’s Park.

The Portrayal of Eden by Helen Marie and Associates

The portrayal of “Eden” by Helen Marie and Associates from the section Elementra, portrayed by Anika Bain got the nod of the judges with 434 points.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Wednesday, President of the mas band, Helen Edwards said it was an overwhelming victory for her mas players.

“Overwhelmed not for me but for the band members and I thank God for the encouraging and dedicated young people that work to put the band together. We always put our motto, “Adding style and class to fancy mas” into perspective when putting our costumes together,” she said.

Edwards explained the rationale behind the design of the costume of the King of the band.

She said: “We chose Eden for our Queen because we look for things that have a lot of detail and it had a lot of detail in Eden. We took one month to put this costume together; a lot of time, money and energy went into it.

According to the band leader, this win could be encouragement for more young people to “go along with the culture because it’s dying – foreign bands are dominating the market.”

Helen Marie and Associates took second place in the King of the Band competition.

Edwards said that the band is “happy with whatever position we got because the judges’ decision is final”.

“Even though I have my personal opinion, we are very happy with the result”, she quipped.

AJ and Associates with its portrayal of “Colours of life, Expression of Culture”, portrayed by Keymal Williams, put them at the top in the King of the Band aspect with a total of 429 points.

Williams who is one of the Band Owners told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the win came as no surprise to them.

Colours of Life, Expression of Culture by AJ and Associates

“Being such a young band and to have competed against all these experienced bands, it’s overwhelming but exciting at the same time. It was no surprise because we dip deep into the box of creativity for our costumes…we used shapes to show the diversity and the differences of how unique the culture is…”, he said.

The second place in the competition went to Helen Marie and Associates with the portrayal “Inferno” gaining 419 points, third was the Dazzle Mas Band from Beaulieu with the portrayal of “Sweet Jab” which gained them 393 points.

The 4th place went to Spice Fusion of Belmont with the portrayal “King Montana Star Sapphire” which secured 345 points for the band while the 5th spot was given firth to Rainbow City Mas Promoters (228 points) with its portrayal of “Shaka Zulu”.

The 2nd place in the Queen of the Band category was awarded to AJ and Associates with 395 points from its portrayal of “Colours of Life, the Spice of Grenada”, and 3rd was Rainbow City Mas Promoters with its portrayal of “From Slavery to Emancipation” which was awarded 389 points by the judges.

There was a tie for 4th between Dazzle Mas Band and its portrayal of “My Girl Lollipop, Gems of the Caribbean” and Spice Fusion which presented “The Blue Fiery Opal Gem Stones” which saw them secure 359 points.

There were 10 competing bands in total for both the King and Queen categories in Spicemas 2018.

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