Miss St. George wins Carnival Queen contest

The elated Kemik Degale is crowned by last year’s winner Tamyer Munroe

It was keen competition and fine pageantry at The Spice Basket last Thursday night as seven beauties vied for the coveted title of Carnival Queen 2018.

The young ladies whowere representing all seven parishes on the island competed in five different categories – Talent, Costumes, Swimwear, Evening Wear and Interview.

The overall winner was Miss St. George, 20-year-old Kemik Degale who captured the titles of Best Talent, Best Evening Wear and Best Interview.

After the show, Kemik dedicated the win to both her late father and her supporters.

“It’s a dream come true…the energy, the support, the love is what kept me strong, it’s what kept me standing and I love everybody and I appreciate all the support. I did this for them and my late father,” she said.

Miss St. John, Sabrina Alexander was First Runner Up and captured Best Costume

All seven contestants were asked the following question: “We now live in a world where women are world leaders and trail blazers, given that, how do you think judging women on the basis of looks and a single question, contributes to the women’s movement?”

The 2018 Carnival Queen offered this response: “I think the question is a very relevant question in this era of time. Women are proving themselves that we’re more than just beauty, we’re more than just a question. We’re a lot of the little nitty gritties that are needed to make ourselves strong and make ourselves powerful and independent women in this world today.”

The Carnival Queen said her love for culture will propel her to help in its development throughout her reign.

Her prizes include $10,000 in cash, tickets to anywhere with Caribbean Airlines, $10,000 worth of beauty products from Rouge Grenada, among other things.

The prize for 1st Runner Up in the competition went to Miss St. John, Sabrina Alexander, who also captured “Best Costume”.

Miss St. David, Navina Francis – the second runner Up in the competition who landed the prize for Best Swim wear

In speaking to reporters, SAbrina said that although she did not win, she feels proud just to have graced the stage.

“I feel proud because I came out, I did my best, the judges’ decision is final, congrats to Kemik Degale – at the end she is our queen but I feel great. It’s my first time on such a big stage and I think I did very, very well,” she remarked.

Miss St. David, Navina Francis was 2nd Runner Up and also captured the title of “Best Swimwear”.

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