Bartending Course ends at TAMCC

Twenty locals have received certificates of completion after graduating from a Level Two Competency Based Training (CBT) in Bartending.

All twenty graduates received certificates after completing their training

The training was made possible through an initiative of the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and the DIAGEO Learning for Life Programme under the theme, “Embracing Training Opportunities for Development of Self and Country”.

In addressing the graduating ceremony held upstairs the Armstrong Building at TAMCC, Associate Dean of the School of Continuing Education, John Telesford reminded the graduates that having a certificate with the wrong attitude will only result in a stagnant career.

He said: “I cannot speak to you and not speak to you about attitude because in my opinion attitude is the most important part – you could have the best skills in the world, you could be the best bartender in the world but you have the wrong attitude, you ain’t go work nowhere, customers aint gonna come”.

“Over my few years of experience dealing with CBT and after listening to the laments (of) our industry personnel and customers… I am totally convinced that coupled with knowledge and skills, that instilling the right attitude is one of, if not the most essential component and the teaching (and) learning process in CBT”, he added.

Telesford went on: “All of you may leave here today with a certificate indicating your success but if the attitude to your job is not in sync with your everyday life, your certificate can be rendered worthless. You just have it in a bag, walking around with it, looking for a job and you will have problems. My encouragement to you therefore, is grasp the skills and knowledge but in order to move to higher heights, focus on sharpening the attitude”.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Aaron Francois encouraged the graduates to continue with their self development and to resist settling for just a Level Two certificate in Bartending.

“To you our graduates, I wish to remind you that it is just the beginning of a long career option ahead of you, we trust that you would take the time building your career. In other words, as you go out there, you must observe, you must practice and sharpen the skills”, he remarked.

“That foundation that you have been given here at TAMCC…move to the next level. Do not fall into the trap to think that you have arrived,” he said

Reflecting on the months spent in training, participant Davisha Charles stated that the life skills component of the programme was most important to her.

According to Charles, bartending has always been a dream of hers but the Level Two course was very challenging.

“…I have come to realise that the programme extended way beyond bartending skills. I have learnt so much, I have learnt great communication skills to deal with customers who are our greatest assets and motivation.

“I have learnt great life skills – the importance of punctuality, the amazing power of team work, working along with employees, and the many ways of avoiding conflicts.

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