Ribena supports Private Primary Schools Games for yet another year

With continued support from George F. Huggins through its Ribena brand, the Private Primary Schools track and field championship will be held for the 11th year since its revival in 2007.

Stakeholders of the games in photo op

Ribena, for the past nine years has been the title sponsor for the Private Primary Schools games and for 2018 has provided all the medals and trophies needed for the winners.

In a ceremony held at the National Stadium last Wednesday, a symbolic cheque for $15,000.00 was handed over to Chairman of the Private Primary Schools Association, Kestor Elcock.

The sport day will be held on March 8 at the National Football and Athletic Stadium among 12 schools.

In addressing the gathering, Elcock said: “With the support of Huggins throughout the years, we’ve seen the emergence of some of Grenada’s top young athletes…and these athletes have gone on to represent their schools and also represented Grenada in some extent.

“In my opinion, the model of the Private Primary Schools creates the perfect balance between academics and athletics. This balance will no doubt continue to create and transform the lives of the boys and girls in the secondary schools. They will become great young men and women of Grenada”, he added.

Ribena Brand Manager at Huggins, George “Porgie” Cherubin highlighted the extent of the sponsorship being given to the schools.

“What we do is not give money to the association but we facilitate areas that we think are critical for the execution. So, we would have already secured all the medals and trophies needed for the games. We already submitted a promissory note of payment to the stadium, we have already procured refreshment for the officials during the heats and the sports itself”, he said.

“We are very much involved in the publicity of the games and we are venturing to do the official uniforms for the officials of that day in addition to a number of other things – making sure that the starters are there…”, he added.

In endorsing the games, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Grenada Athletic Association, Kwame Hypolite stated that the competitive nature among the athletes taking part in the championship is very encouraging.

Hypolite said, “What we love about the Private Primary School games is the high level of competition among the schools, the camaraderie that exist and the family involvement, so much so that this family involvement is now filtering into the secondary school system where we have the involvement of parents in the training and development of the athletes.”

He encouraged coaches to have the athlete’s best interest at heart.

“Coaches, persons representing the various schools – we advise that whatever decision that you intend to make throughout your training and preparation for the games, you do so with the main stakeholder in mind, that is the athletes.

“And so, whatever you do, whatever decision that you make, it may not be one that is loved or favoured by the parents or favoured by the supporters but whatever you do, whatever decision that you make ensure that it is for the betterment, the development of the athletes and so at the end of the day, we do not over work, that athletes are managed properly to ensure we get the best performance out of them.

According to Hypolite, the support given should allow the athletes “to continue their development, continue their progression in the sport of athletics and continue the support that you give to these athletes when they move on to secondary school”.

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