You had your time God next

If there is a mixture of flooding or the Sodom/ Gomorrah experience would that feel good? Grenada’s Debt of over $2.6 billion plus 86.7 million pre-election budgets indicate the loose manner in which our economy is managed. It is like a loose man gone mad and upon this starts a foundation to destroy the nation’s children from primary school.

Despite the massive intake of revenue by the NNP administration we have witnessed an increase of the national Debt; shouldn’t it be the opposite? NNP administration must be guilty of massive wastage in many areas resulting in an invisible bag pack of burdens on the Grenadian adults back and an intended ten thousand visible Bag Pack on the children’s back.

How could Grenadians support a Prime Minister who continues to burden the nation with Debt then having the audacity to set up a foundation while in Government with hidden lines (underling tricks) to destroy the nation’s future generation? He said repeatedly nothing is free so Grenadians need to visualise the broader picture, you are going to pay for it someday in various ways; have you ever heard the saying “you go pay for it”?

Do not partake of the evil. Reject destruction Think!

To the PM and MP for the North-west St George constituency “were you shown the results of your surrogates that passed on, those evils condoned in NNP would be expelled back to Haiti by prudent and credible professionals with high integrity?

The Heavenly Father is supreme and would visit each one among you on that special occasion known to Him.

He hath already given you time and indicated the “defiance to His Spirit” and for another call indicating darkness prevails over the surrogates.

Persons who stole my laptop and later my flash drive with private information, although with a minute of what was revealed are fully aware of the truth. Over ten years ago I was sent with massages but was unwilling because I felt unable. At this stage there is no excuse as the Lord said there is no turning back even should you work from the fence.

Derogatory and discretionary utterances and the defiance of the Holy Spirit etc were indicated from the inception, if absent thee vision is void, the indicators reveal the correct process as we progress to the ultimate results. The Lord said THE EVIDENCE IS THERE!

I am mentioning a few things here which do not totally or directly relate to the Grenada situation but can be observed as the Heavenly Father at work among men and I am not directing you to the scripture passages you may choose to search the scriptures you’ll learn more.

The Heavenly Father said to Noah “make thee an ark” and the reasons, specifications and instructions were given;” the Heavenly Father’s decision was fixed”, Noah had to accomplish his part but the people did not believe but what was the end result?

The Heavenly Father sent two angels who accompanied Abraham to Sodom to remove Lot and his family; what the people did? They attacked the angels and rejected the message from Lot; in other words “they did not take the message” and consult with the Creator but defy the spiritual men, what was the end result?

Jonah being sent to Nin-e-veh diverted but despite his unwillingness he was made to deliver and the people took the message consulted with the Creator and did the right thing, what was the end result? Therefore, I must be about the Heavenly Father’ s business.

The messengers were human beings who knew the process and the end results revealed by the Creator. The Grenada reflection has relationships with “the end time” scenario but let us pray for otherwise. I’ll do my part despite what’s said or done. I’ll not disobey or tempt my Creator.

Ashby Charles

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