Rape of twelve year old girl

The Grenada Association of Professional Social Workers (GAPSW) is outraged by the recent rape of a twelve-year old girl by three older men.

Over the years there has been an increase in sex crimes in Grenada, as shown by the number of cases that come before the courts, and once again, this incident highlights the high prevalence of sex crimes in our society against minors.

Sex crimes are heinous crimes they leave long lasting scars and without appropriate treatment the pain can be too much to bear. This can often result in serious psychological problems in adulthood, such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome which means our society also pays a heavy price.

GAPSW is appealing to the Justice System to treat sex crimes seriously and apply more appropriate penalties.

In so doing they would be sending a strong message that sex crimes will not be tolerated and the perpetrators will be dealt with by the full force of the law and the judicial system.

As a society, we also need to acknowledge that crimes of this nature are too common in our communities and GAPSW implores you to stand with us in condemning these crimes.

If we acknowledge that these crimes are too common we also have to accept that we all must do more to protect our children.

As an association, we will continue to support agencies working to protect our nation’s children and, once again, we call for a multi-disciplinary approach to child protection issues which constitutes good practice across the region.

GAPSW’s thoughts are with the child and her family during this difficult period.

(The above reflects the views of the Grenada Association of Professional Social Workers)

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