Bachannal in the NNP House

The late Sir Herbert Blaize once said, “What goes around, comes around”. After the 2013 elections, the old guard took their familiar seats and a new crop of ‘wet behind the ears” politicians with deep pockets stumbled into our parliament.

A motor car salesman was named as foreign minister but did not last long as he behaved as if the foreign relations of the country was the same as selling KIA motor vehicles.

”Xandra” then found out that there is only one male rat in the NNP house. Pure Grenada became the buzzword as Grenada was no longer deemed Spicy as IVAN blew down most of our nutmegs, cloves and cinnamon.

The ‘Chief’ then threw “Xandra” over the faledge like a Kentucky box, from then on, “all hell break loose”. She was given a desk in the Complex, doing nothing all day and allegedly collecting fat ministerial salaries.

She resigned from the government claiming that she had more exciting things to do than the people’s business. So much for poor people in Grand Anse Valley and Mon Toute who voted for her. What arrogance!

In the meantime, the termites who were expelled from NDC made a grand entrance with “count me in”.

The color of their tongues changed from red to brown. Even in public the old guard could not hide their discomfort with these turncoats but they had to swallow their own saliva.

The drums of war in the House started to roll at a convention in Westerhall Secondary School and the “Chief” was forced to back pedal and ‘”borrow” the post of Assistant General Secretary to the ‘chief termite’ so as to silence the drums.

Recently, Bhola announced that he was stepping down. The rumour was that a young lawyer was tipped to replace him. Town say that the ‘Chief’ refused to accept the demands of the young lady. Lo and Behold, Bhola was back in the news saying that if the ‘Chief’ wants him to run again, he is willing to do so.

With “Xandra” out of the way, the chief termite was named, Caretaker for the Town of St George. The motor car salesman was named caretaker for the South and “Chu koo” decides that his time has come.

‘Chu koo” claims that he is more popular than Steele and launched his own campaign. He is now busy with the rum and corn-beef politics and trying to mamaguy people in the South.

Carriacou had their own share of drama. After punching Nimrod unto the ropes, the various factions in the NNP finally ended up naming a not so young female lawyer who only know Kayak people when she wants something from them.

Many Kayaks only waiting to vote for Tevin in order to end their political nightmare.

In all of this bachannal, Jos Whiteman emerged from the woodwork and declared that he is running in St David’s, come hell or high water! ‘Board for Board’ is holding a’ slack end tight’ and there is every reason to believe that “water more than flour”. The fact is that a caretaker has not been named for St David’s. Stay tuned.

To crown it all, KCM made an address to the CARICOM Heads that was both disrespectful as well an embarrassment to all Grenadians. The writing is on the wall as he himself admitted that it will be the last time that he will sit in the position as Chairman of CARICOM. You telling me!!

Jump High Jump Low – NNP MUST GO!!!!

Crystal Ball

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