Missing Woman Found Dead

The search for 63-year old Eslyn Andall has ended when her body was discovered five days after she was first reported missing.

Eslyn Andall – was reported missing for days

Andall, a resident of Mt. Gay in St. George, was found lying face down last Friday by a Fisherman in Halifax Bay in Perseverance, St. George.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the area in which the missing woman was found is the same place where her sister Sharon Andall plunged to death in a vehicle accident in 2014.

Two years earlier, Brothers Dellon and Kareem Peters of Gouyave Estate also met their demise in the same area while driving to work in 2012.

According to police, the face of Andall was not recognisable and a wound was discovered on her head.
Andall was last seen on July 3rd in the area of River Road.

There are reports that she was awaiting a bus to take her to Mt. Parnassus but never showed up.

This newspaper was told by a police source that Andall is believed to have been dead for approximately three days before the body was found.

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