Anthony Boatswain first became MP for St. Patrick West in 1999. He served for 9 consecutive years as MP and minister, and is now into his 5th year of another term.

Surely, that is enough time for any politician worth his salt to have accomplished something meaningful for his constituency!

People of St. Patrick West were therefore shocked to hear Mr. Boatswain virtually begging Dr. Mitchell for one more chance so that the Sauteurs Breakwater project could be finished under his watch.

It is quite clear that Mr. Boatswain has no weight or influence within the party or cabinet. We all remember him almost crying in a budget presentation 2 years ago, that projects like the St. Patrick’s Anglican School rehabilitation and the Duquesne to Sauteurs road kept appearing in the budget for three years, without anything being done.

It is therefore shameless of Mr. Boatswain to blame the NDC for the non-implementation of projects in St. Patrick’s.

The idea of the Sauteurs jetty/breakwater has been around since the days of Kenny Lalsingh.

Boatswain had 9 years to make it a reality but was incapable of doing so.

The NDC spent just over 4 years in office, the same period of Boatswain’s current term. If there were any projects that the NDC didn’t execute, Boatswain has had sufficient time to do them this round.

He must not be allowed to blame his political impotence on others.

Under Mr. Boatswain’s tenure, St. Patrick’s has become the poorest and most corrupt parish in Grenada. Even he was forced to admit on national TV that key members of his staff were under criminal investigation for ‘bubbul’ with government materials.

For this to be going on “under he nose” for so long, it shows that he either condoned it or was not in charge. Either way, he has been exposed as being unfit to represent this great parish.

Mr. Boatswain has never made the transition from NNP candidate to Parliamentary Representative for ALL the people of St. Patrick West. No one who is suspected of being a supporter of the NDC receives any assistance from the social safety net programmes, unless it is used to “persuade” them to switch sides.

The awarding of contracts is blatantly partisan. Placement in the Imani programme is done strictly along party lines. The MP’s office doubles as the NNP office, so non-NNP people are never comfortable visiting there.

The people of St. Patrick West, especially the youths, have concluded that the NNP is the real obstacle to progress. We expect debushing and concrete road jobs to flow like water until the election.

Houses will be repaired or built, and more people will be put on public assistance. This is an old trick that won’t work this time because we understand the NNP’s playbook.

In order to move our parish forward, the NNP, whether represented by Boatswain or any other replacement, must be removed at the next election. Our next MP must put forward workable plans to uplift St. Patrick’s, and must embrace ALL constituents, regardless of which party they support.

Bye bye, Tone Tone, so long, NNP!


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