Vital message to Religious Leaders

“Hi Pastor! Reverend! Father!” etc.

Religious leaders often love to hear people call them by such titles. Matthew 23:6, 7; Mark12:38. But how do some of these very religious leaders treat the same people who hold them up in such high esteem?

Often you hear the people complain that the religious leaders look down on them. If they pass by their churches on Sundays or another day, they may hear the religious leaders condemning them in their sermons, referring to them as, heathen, no good, worthless, vagabonds etc.

They often do not greet persons on the streets but may look at them in a scornful way, perhaps not even look at them on purpose. Can we imagine Jesus acting that way? Mark2:15 answers NO! Jesus associated with sinners, not for mere association, but in order to help them spiritually as Mark 2:17denotes.

Please note; according to Mark 2:16, it was the Scribes and Pharisees who spoke against Jesus being with sinners. Do some religious leaders today wish to imitate those Scribes and Pharisees who were constantly against Jesus?

Jesus recommended humility. Matthew 23:8 -10; Luke 9:46 -48; John 13:4, 5. Will some religious leaders continue to show a proud attitude or will they prove themselves humble, as Jesus was? 1 Peter 5:5; Matthew 11:29.

Simeon James

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