Englishman charged with stealing

A St. George’s Magistrate on Monday was forced to remand to the Richmond Hill prison a 78-year old English National who was unable to post sureties for a cash bail imposed on him.

David Hamner – sent to prison after failing to post bail

David Hamner – sent to prison after failing to post bail

David Hamner who is charged with the offense of stealing was ordered last week Thursday to pay the court $75,000 in cash bail by Magistrate Francine Foster who was sitting in the No.2 Magistrate’s Court.

The Magistrate indicated that she choose a cash bail and not a prison remand due to the age of the accused.

She also said that although she took into account that Hamner is not a Grenadian National and the custom of the court is to remand to prison those persons who are non-nationals until the matter is completed, she also considered the fact that the accused has no previous conviction.

As part of the bail condition, Magistrate Foster ruled that Hamner has to report to the South St. George Police Station three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 6:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m.

However, Hamner was kept in custody at the Central Police Station on the Carenage as the cash bail order was not met.

The suspect was brought back to court on Monday before Magistrate Tahera Gellineau who remanded him to the Richmond Hill Prisons until December 29 if the bail is still not met.

Hamner told the court he believes the money should have reached the office of his Lawyer, Henry Paryag but due to the weekend it might not have been processed.

The court was told that the Englishman allegedly stole 75,000 British Pound Sterling on June 21st from his fellow Englishman, Johnathan Asworth.

In rejecting an application for bail for the suspect, Police Prosecutor, Corporal Terrence Andall described the accused as a flight risk, and that the charge laid against him is of a serious nature.

Cpl Andall spoke of Hamner having in his possession an English and also an Australian Passport over which Grenada has no authority to seize, and that he can leave the jurisdiction at any time.

The Police Prosecutor said the investigators found difficulty in locating Hamner until he showed up in Carriacou last week where he was caught.

However, Paryag who is a former magistrate and is representing Hamner told the court the Prosecution has no grounds for objecting to bail and dismissed the claim of his client being a flight risk.

Paryag informed the court that the Englishman who owns a yacht also has a house on Carriacou where he has taken up permanent residence for a number of years and has no intention of leaving Grenada.

Hamner is scheduled to be back in court on February 28th.

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