SASS Visual Arts Exam Students Meet with AllyDay

As 2016 draws to a close, hundreds of year 5 students will take their last break before entering their final school term which will lead them into the 2017 examinations.

Historically in the Caribbean, the Sciences have long held precedence over the Arts, however, interestingly there has been significant growth in the latter in the past decades, within school programmes, and the domestic and regional work environment, for careers built around the visual arts.

Visual Arts Students of SASS with Class teacher Larry John and AllyDay Creative Director, Alleyne Gulston

Visual Arts Students of SASS with Class teacher Larry John and AllyDay Creative Director, Alleyne Gulston

Seven hand-picked, visual arts students from the St. Andrews Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) on November 17 accompanied their art teacher and local artist, Larry John on a visit to the Grenada-based office of graphic design and marketing company, AllyDay Creative Projects.

“The purpose of the visit was to allow students to interview persons who have made a success of business in this area. As the students, all of whom are naturally talented, prepare for exams we would like them to take into consideration further studies in the field of visual arts. In order to give them an insight into the career opportunities available in the field, we approached AllyDay, whom we believe has fulfilled that goal, using visual arts as one of their core business offerings,” said John.

Students were particularly interested in listening to the insights of local artist and Creative Director of AllyDay, Alleyne Gulston, as he explained his background in drawing, painting and then his further studies around graphics design, which led to his Masters and co-ownership of his own Company.

The students showed keen interest in the avenues of business the company sees for young artists, particularly within the graphic design field.

“The opportunities are so varied and endless, especially if you have passion, working in tandem with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

Web design, app design, storyboarding for motion ads and even movies, product design & labelling, comic books, book cover designs or illustrations, vehicle graphics…the sky’s the limit,” said Gulston, who also took the opportunity to wish all the students well in their upcoming exams.

The SAASS students were pleased to receive a gift of several publications produced by AllyDay, for their personal use and critique.

They completed their day with a visit to The Three Wands Art exhibition of Sculpture, Digital Art and Photography, in St. George’s.

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