Disappointment with GCNA!!!

The  following  is Food  for  Thought, it is  part  of the  information provided  to the  Board  of Directors of the  Grenada  Cooperative  Nutmeg  Association (GCNA) and the  GCNA manager who  had not the  good manners or  courtesy to respond or act on the information  and  suggestions provided.

I am almost  reminded of the section in the Holy Bible: Proverbs  Chapter 29: Verse 18 :”Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

Ownership  Of The Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg  Association: Since 2007, I have been pushing for us, members of the GCNA, to OWN the GCNA particularly  its Assets. Last year in   April 08, 2015  I again contacted  them.

When you consider, an entity  as GCNA, with  twenty-one (21) or so  properties in Grenada  valued at almost Sixty-six Million  Dollars ($66, 000,000.00)  owned  by No ONE   with the option  of  we, the  Three Thousand  five hundred (3,500)  members or so, losing  everything, similar to what  occurred with the   GBCS,(the Grenada  Banana Cooperative  Society)  when it was  dissolved and  no one  received  anything. Then  you realise  how serious a matter  this situation  is.

Yet our  GCNA  Board has not acted to enable us to  own the  GCNA  after  a year. The Board  is waiting  to change the whole  Nutmeg Act written in 1947 rather than  just  have a statement included  to  state that “All  Members of the  Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association own the GCNA and can be given  a single share to indicate that each  member is a part owner  of the GCNA”.

Later on we can discuss Capitillisation  and other issues that have gone on over the  years.

I have offered to champion this Question of Ownership or to join with any Member of the GCNA Board  to do so. But none of them seem interested.

We may not  know it but the GCNA, although  named as the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association is not  governed by the usual Co-operative  Laws of Grenada  as enforced  by  the Department of Co-operatives.

It was  formed by an Act  of Parliament or of the Legislature long before Mr. Martineau  and the  Co-operative Department  came on the scene.

So  the Ownership Amendment or Addition can be done easily and quickly. I repeat again, I am willing to help to walk it through with the Attorney General etc.

The other thirty five (35) or so Amendments now being drafted by Consultants and the Jamaican  Lawyer  can continue for the IMF and so on.

Later on I shall  discuss other issues to improve the  GCNA  and  allow it to operate  as a Business.
Dr.E.R Buckmire, MBE

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