Stop it now!!!

I read with dismay an article in THE NEW TODAY newspaper of Friday, April 22, 2016, under the headline banner, “Letter to the Prime Minister” and which referred to the plight of the Customs and Immigration (Departments) officers working at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

It is alleged that these officers have to present themselves to the embarrassment of fellow officers and members of the public to be searched and scanned.

This is total disrespect. If the Commissioner of Police is inspecting his officers in their work area would he too be so subjected to a search?

Let us be clear on this – disrespecting a police officer in that way is also disrespecting the C.O.P.
The police officers are governed by laws that supersede that of MBIA not withstanding the fact that you are dealing with the highest level of security within Grenada.

We keep forgetting that the power to exercise disciplinary control over police officers of certain ranks lies with the Commissioner and no one else.

It is alleged that Mr. Richard stated that his instructions came from a big man in government.
Mr. Richards being a member of that organisation should know that only the C.O.P should pass such and if the C.O.P did not pass it and Richard worked on it then he should be withdrawn.

Those things used to be happening in the 70s – it should not be happening at present.
We still use the Constitution Order, Chapter V1 Part 2 section 89.

The Police Force should be clear as to the control and appointment of officers.

For some strange reasons, some people in our society basically believe that they are free to do as they please, taking all sorts of liberty towards the police officers.

However, we must recognise that the exercise of total freedom by one person necessarily limits the freedom available to others. The police are there to safeguard that freedom.

Although we recognise that the police function has to be done, we basically do not like what the police do. We may accept their role but we do not always like it.

The public expects the police to control crime and hold the administrators accountable for accomplishing that objective.

But the police having to be searched themselves by people with questionable character should be a serious matter of concern to the administration of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), which Immigration falls under.

Administrators, please let us take this embarrassment (if true) away from our police officers who at some point might have to reverse the compliments to those who are searching them at MBIA.

This is a confrontation that should be avoided.

James Clarkson
Retired Commissioner of Police

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