Vocational legal education in the Caribbean

I am an attorney-at-law and a course director at the Hugh Wooding Law School pursuing a doctoral degree in education at Sheffield University. My research is on vocational legal education in the Caribbean and is focused on where we are now and where we need to go in order to make legal education responsive to the present and future needs of our society.

This is a concern to all Caribbean people as law is the fabric that holds our society together and it is critical that we produce attorneys who will uplift the society, advance our social justice goals, human rights, access to justice and reduce conflict in our various societies.

Lawyers can also assist in our economic development by ensuring that our entrepreneurs are protected even before they seek engagement with others, they have the knowledge to engage effectively with others (whether local or foreign) for the best possible outcomes and if things go wrong, they are best positioned to mitigate any losses which they may otherwise suffer.

As part of my research, I am hosting a blog discussion where I am inviting all stakeholders (every person in and out of the legal fraternity) to get involved in this discussion. This will include attorneys, judges, lecturers, law students and the greatest stakeholders of all, members of the public who are engaged with or are affected by legal services.

The blog is located at www.caribbeanlegaled.wordpress.com and provides contact information for confidential contributions or to assist with anonymous public comments. There are themes on which I have posted material to stimulate discussion – from governance and administration, curriculum and assessment, finance and management; and globalisation and technology.

Persons can formally become participants in the research by going to the Research Participants page or by simply commenting on any area of their choosing.

I am hoping that you will publish this letter as a public service to the region so as to get the widest participation.

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