St. Dominic’s RC adopted by GVOFS

Approximately 60 students of the St. Dominic’s Roman Catholic School were recipients of material from Grenada Veterans of Foreign Services (GVOFS) to aid them in their educational development.

Joseph Granger hands over writing pad to student

Joseph Granger hands over writing pad to student

GVOFS, headed by retired US Army official, Joseph Granger, visited the school recently to donate writing pads and utensils to a number of needy students as identified by principal, Cephas Ettienne.

“We are happy to have them knowing fully well that they would have gone out of their duties to do such a wonderful thing during this period – the period of giving…”, said Ettienne as he thanked the overseas body for its contribution.

GVOFS is founded on the idea of helping those in need and is made up entirely of selfless individuals who are willing to invest in the future of a nation’s children.

Granger said if he could donate at least one notebook to one child, it would make a big difference.

“We have to put things in place whereby we can make it easy and affordable for every individual child to be successful…”, he said.

“…I decided to do this by adopting seven schools …we protect them, we give them the things that they need to be successful,” he added.

According to Granger, they would like to create an environment where the “haves” take care of the “have nots.”

Students stand in photo with GVOFS officials

Students stand in photo with GVOFS officials

It is his hope to foster a culture of social responsibilities and be a brother’s keeper one village at a time.

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