Hamlet – the political spin doctor

Dear Hamlet,

I am so happy to see you stand and defend a woman who is allegedly a victim of rape. In my view, it doesn’t matter that certain people are insinuating that you have more than a Good Samaritan motive in pursuing the matter.

In order to prove that your interest in the case is genuine, I want to urge you to take up a few other allegations that have been aired publicly.

As the new champion of women’s rights, your stock will improve if you use your position of influence with the Minister of National Security to ensure that the case of the female police officer who claimed to have been raped by a senior officer, is thoroughly investigated as promised by Commissioner James.

While you are at it, follow up on the claim by a young St. Patrick’s woman that a well-connected political activist gave her a ride and raped her.

You see, Hamlet, if you stop at this one case, uninformed people might be inclined to believe the rumours of a love triangle. That would unfortunately deflect attention from what is a situation that is an obvious plague in our society.

I need some clarification from you, Hamlet. In your article captioned “One Victim, Many Villains”, you state categorically that the woman “had already gone through a night of terror” at the hands of a colleague of Scholar and Lydon Lewis.

Haven’t you, with this statement, pronounced the accused man guilty, without the benefit of a trial? Further, in dealing with Nelson and Hillaire, you assert “the real harm – short term and long term – has been done to a woman who was “too fresh” to want to take control of her own destiny”.

Now, I admit that if the rape and assault did take place, the accused should face the full brunt of the law. However, as an eye witness – you must have been, to be so cocksure about the facts – you have obviously dispensed with this most cardinal principle of jurisprudence, the presumption of innocence until convicted by the courts.

Hamlet, coming from an experienced journalist and political spin doctor, your article appears to be aimed at exacting personal and political revenge.

When you take up the two other cases that I mentioned above, you may convince me that your tears are not reptilian.

Yours truly,
Harmless Mack

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