An open letter to the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority

Visiting our pristine rain forest and crater lake, I was shocked  to see the horror that was unfolding right in front of my eyes, three Chinese style pagoda on the shores of Grand Etang Lake..  For one moment, I thought I was in China!  None of the three buildings portray  the image of Grenada.

My question to the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority – “Is this the “Pure Grenada” brand  we are inviting  our visitors and our own people to see and enjoy?”

The fact is  – why should visitors come to our shores when they can easily head for the summer place in China

WHO is supervising WHAT  happens at our major tourism sites? Do we have the final say?

As far as I am concerned,  this is an insult to our culture and our people. It reflects the ineptitude and insensitivity on  the part of the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority.

Some people just don’t get it. Always remember, there  is nothing like  a free lunch.  Have we been bought and paid for by the aid money? What next?

May the good Lord help us.

Tour operator

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