GrenAIDS receive assistance from SGU

A number of Caribbean countries in representation at the workshop for sexual rights of young people

A number of Caribbean countries in representation at the workshop for sexual rights of young people

A cheque of $8000 was handed over to GrenAIDS by the St George’s University Events Management Class to help the organisation with its drive to lessen on HIV/AIDS infection in the country.

The handing over ceremony was held on Friday at the St George’s University campus at True Blue, St. George’s.

The events management class of SGU is geared at teaching students how to plan and execute an excellent event with all the intricate details that goes into planning and doing an event.

As part of practical learning, the class was given a task to plan and
execute an event to raise funds for a local charity of their choice.

The class held a masquerade theme ball at the Raddison Beach Resort on November 8 under the theme: SHHH… protect your identity; know your status” with all proceeds from the event going to GrenAIDS.

Events Manager of the class, Damique McIntyre said the group chose GrenAIDS in order to help raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS virus and to encourage others to get tested.

“It has been a rigorous couple months, as the events class would probably know, our events planning and everything that went into planning this event in order to have the best event that we possibly can have and I think the events management class in all its efforts did a great job in ensuring that we had a great event”, he said.

“…While we were planning to do this event, we had to raise funds and get sponsors, it was a very tough situation to get sponsors being as it was at the end of the year, most businesses were at the end of their budgets, with that we sent a letter to Dr Charles Modica and he gave a generous donation to our class,” he added.

As a means of showing appreciation, the Events Management class presented a plaque which was accepted on behalf of SGU by Provost of the University Allan Pensick who praised the team for what they did.

“The project that you do is very worthwhile and more importantly it’s here in Grenada that you’re supporting the needs here but the professionalism that you’ve demonstrated and the amount of work that you’ve done is outstanding,” he remarked.

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