Lalsingh blames Labour Movement

Outgoing Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Kenny Lalsingh has accused the labour movement in Grenada of contributing to the low level of productivity in the public sector.

Lalsingh’s remarks were made at his last sitting of the Upper House of Parliament as he sought to give lawmakers an update of the work of the Waste Reduction Committee that falls under his stewardship.

He told fellow Parliamentarians that there continues to exist a culture that was inherited a long time ago in which people believe that there is nothing to worry about once it was related to government and suggested that this was created by the trade unions.

“I believe sometime the trade unions have helped create that problem in Grenada. Because (it is) government, you must find the money – they want all kind of benefits but when you ask are all workers really contributing to the development of the country, we can’t say yes, and it is not just today, many years back,” he said
Lalsingh who recognised that the salary scale of workers differ in many instances felt that those who are already in the higher bracket within the public service should think about the others who do not have any salary.
He disclosed that the Waste Reduction committee recently conducted an extensive investigation into the Ministries of Agriculture and Health and were able to put measures in place to deal with the problem.
According to the outgoing Senator, it was discovered in the Ministry of Agriculture that Public Officers were not doing their job since they were not implementing decisions taken by the Cabinet of Ministers on the renewal of leases.
“All these are evidence, Mr. President that some Public Officers are just not doing what they should,” he said.
According to Sen. Lalsingh, it was discovered that in the Ministry of Health with specific reference to the General Hospital that a lot of wastage was taking place.

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