Message from the National Democratic Congress to all workers on International Workers Day, May Day

GUTThe National Democratic Congress (NDC), through its National Executive Council, Members and Supporters salute all workers of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique on the observance of International Workers Day- May Day, 2014.

Our party in its founding charter recognised the need to further the pursuit of Economic Justice as an important component in protecting Democracy and Democratic Institutions.

In the Party’s constitution it states that as part of its Mission “the Creation of conditions for full employment so that work may be available for those who are ready, willing and able to work. Fair pay must be given for fair work, and workers must be productive”.

The party further committed itself to protect Freedom of Association to include Independent Trade Unions which we believe is an important pillar of Democracy.

Today, our country is going through, what is perhaps the most difficult period in our recent history. The so called “Home Grown”

Structural Adjustment Programme imposed by the NNP administration is creating more and more hardships on the backs of the workers of this country.

Every day, we come into contact with ordinary workers, farmers, fishermen, bus drivers, teachers nurses, young and unemployed people whose economic circumstances have deteriorated significantly over the last year.

The introduction of a 20% increase in the Customs Service Charge (CSC) like a thief in the night has brought price increases for all imported goods. The doubling of Property Taxes has only added to our collective misery. In fact, we are of the view that the government broke the existing property law in an effort to siphon off more money from the pockets of Grenadians.

These economic difficulties have been compounded by Government’s sustained attack on constitutional rights and freedoms and the blatant disregard for our laws, norms, conventions and protocols.

The National Democratic Congress wishes to state clearly that we stand with you and your organisation in the struggle for your just demands.

We support the process of Collective Bargaining in good faith because it is a necessary prerequisite for developing harmonious relationships between labour and Management.
Unity is strength and we urge you to preserve it in the interest of all your members.

Upholding the dignity of those who labour and respecting the fundamental rights of all our citizens must be an integral part of the development of our country.

We wish you a successful May Day Celebration!!!

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