Tragedy Behind The Airport

Jimmy Edwards

Jimmy Edwards

Family members of 34-year old Mt. Parnassus resident, Jimmy Edwards who reportedly drowned in waters behind the international airport at Point Salines on Sunday are trying to bring closure to the tragedy.

A source close to the family told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that some members are not happy with the information flowing to them about the manner in which Jimmy died but his father is anxious to close the chapter and move on.

The source said that although the autopsy indicated that Edwards died as a result of drowning, some family members were suspicious about the circumstances of what might have happened in light of the amount of “rumours” being spread about the incident.

This newspaper understands that the deceased and five other men ran into difficulties behind the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) while out at sea on a small boat.

According to the source, none of the other surviving occupants of the boat who are well known to the family are co-operating and willing to meet with them to give information on exactly what happened out at sea.

He said that on Monday night, a family member approached one of the five but he walked away without giving any information.

“She (name withheld) saw him near a shop and approached him. She told him that she wanted to know what really happened out there with Jimmy. He just looked at her and walked away without saying anything. He just got into a car and drove away”.

The source said that the family members are perturbed over the incident and felt that this kind of behaviour is only serving to fuel in their minds that something sinister might have happened out at sea between the men and Jimmy.

There are conflicting reports about the excursion that was being undertaken by the six persons on the boat.

One report said that the men were traveling from “Dragon Bay” in the Grand Mal area of St. George’s back to Woburn when the boat ran into problems.

Another report seems to suggest that the boat was coming back onto the Mainland from Hog Island, which is often used by persons involved in the drug trade to drop off and pick up illegal drugs.

The source said that family members of the deceased are disputing that the boat was ever on Hog Island.

However, earlier in the day, Jimmy was spotted on a prominent local pleasure boat that normally takes residents and foreigners alike on party cruises.

The source said one member of the family admitted that “Jimmy” used to dabble in “a little ganja and such” but was no drug baron as some people have been trying to depict him.

He said that particular members of the family was close to the deceased and formed the impression that in recent times he was trying to turn around his life.

He quoted the family member as saying that Jimmy was known to be a person who enjoyed life and can be considered as a party person who liked to go out and have a good time.

However, she said that when it came to his work, the deceased took it rather serious and had just been certified as an official taxi driver to handle cruise passengers on the island.

According to the source, family members would like to bring closure to Jimmy’s death and are hopeful that at least one of the five occupants on the boat would come forward and give information as to what exactly happened out at sea.

He said the family has been bombarded with numerous reports ranging from the boat engine had shut down, the boat had struck something and split into two, the boat had capsized and that Jimmy got some kind of a knock in the head.

“If only one of them, not even all of them but just one can come to us and tell us exactly what happened. That is all we are asking in order to bring closure to this matter”, the family member was quoted as saying.

Jimmy is the only child of his mother, Grace Edwards who lives in the United States and she was reportedly taking the death “really, really hard”.

The father of the deceased is a well-known taxi-driver, Cosmos Williams, the President of one of the leading taxi associations on the island.

THE NEW TODAY understands that when the autopsy was conducted, the sim from Jimmy’s cellphone was found inside his stomach as he had apparently taken it out of the phone to put into his mouth for safe-keeping when the boat allegedly ran into trouble.

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