Wizard back in Competition

Elwin “Black Wizard” McQuilkin

Elwin “Black Wizard” McQuilkin

After two years of being out of competition and five years of being inconsistent Elwin “Black Wizard” McQuilkin is back in competition.

According to the calypsonian, his fans and the fact that “people are clamouring for quality in the art form are the reasons for luring him back into competition.

“They sort of reminisce of what used to happen in the 80’s and 90’s, those glory days they would want to see it happen again,’ Wizard told The New Today in a interview recently.

“As one who makes a contribution to the development of the art form I would not want to go while the calypso is down; go and leave it down but I have to try and bring back the standard to what it was before and inspire our young people to be part of it.”

Delivering quality music to the people, Wizard said that his inspiration comes from the people and things that are happening in the country.

“A writer has to have a sharp mind, you might say something or see something and write away you get an idea for a song,” he said.

“Most of my songs are analytical songs, analyze what’s happening in society, the artiste has a better eye than the average person, so you have to open people eyes and make an analysis of what is going on in the country, it’s not a question of reporting, I don’t really report, I analyze, so when I analyze situation in Grenada you can have a better insight of what is going on in the country.”

He said once he feels Calypso is in good hands, he can leave the competition gracefully.


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