NAWASA launches new website

Customers will no longer have to stand in lines at NAWASA to gain information about the company as they now do so on the

The water utility spent approximately US$12, 000 for the development of the website which was lunched at a recent ceremony held at its boardroom.

Member of the Board of Directors, former Health Minister Ann David-Antoine said the company has come to the realization that customers are demanding convenience and choice and it will no longer be “a 7 o’ clock to 4 o’ clock service but a 24-7 365 days service”.

“This website will provide convenience to all not just our customers but also all who are interested and who wish to know anything about NAWASA and indeed about water,” she added.

According to David-Antoine, the website will add value to the service provided and satisfaction to all associated with NAWASA.

“It will save a lot of time, people will no longer have to stand in line, get on the telephone and wait on a Customer Service representative who is already attending to 6 or 7 persons; they can at the flip of a button find out all they need to know about NAWASA and their involvement with the company,” she explained.

General Manager of NAWASA, Christopher Husbands said the launch of the website will give the company the opportunity to close gaps which currently exist.

“We certainly are looking forward to expanding the capabilities of the website, we certainly have the ability to expand the range of services and offer persons even more ability to interact including at some point to be able to use the website to get their own account information, ‘what’s my balance, what have I paid over the last 3 months’, so there’s more to come,” Husbands said.

The NAWASA manager pointed out that the company is presently undertaking some investments in IT to strengthen its ability to deal with water resources issue due to climate change.

“We have to ensure that we are producing water at a consistently acceptable quality not with some of the variations that we are aware exist now,” he said.

“We’re susceptible to the climate right now, you get a lot of rain over night and unfortunately we get a product the next day that we certainly are not proud of but we have to continue to make investments in other areas”, he added.

In commenting on the website, Communication Officer at NAWASA, Jamila Lewis said: “This project will certainly improve the public’s perception of NAWASA and create an understanding among our customers of the challenges faced while emphasising the authority as a dynamic institution always seeking to improve our level of service.”

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