Female police officer vs school girl

School student display injuries

School student display injuries

A 14-year-old female secondary school student has been slapped with several criminal charges following a scuffle between herself and a female police officer at the Bus Terminus in St. George’s.

The charges stemmed from an incident that took place Tuesday at approximately 3:15 p.m. after the female police officer allegedly intervened in a dispute between two female school students.

One of the students in the dispute was released while the other was taken to the police station and slapped with six charges – Wounding, Assault on Police, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Behaviour, Obscene Language and Damage to Government Property.

The student has been placed on $6,500.00 bail and will make her first Court appearance on May 30.

The attention of commuters was drawn to the dispute and scores of students were seen filming the incident via their cellular phones as they watched the young female student physically challenging the officer of the law.

According to a video posted on Facebook on the incident, the policewoman was seen pulling the child by the waist of her school skirt and the child resisting the officer.

The accused student together with her mother, Susan James visited the office of The New Today on Wednesday afternoon to complain of abuse by the female policewoman.

The 14-year old student had physical markings on the back of her leg and shoulder which she claimed was inflicted by the officer.

THE NEW TODAY understand that the student has been described by education officials as “troubled” and in need of assistance.

According to the student, she was on the Bus Terminus when she saw another student and asked her why she calling her name which led to a quarrel between the two girls.

The female police officer allegedly sought to intervene and this resulted in a confrontation with the youngster.

The Public Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) informed The New Today that the lawmen had received an official complaint against the response of the female officer involved in the incident and that the police will be looking into the matter.

A release was issued last week Friday by RGPG which reads as follows: “The Commissioner of Police wishes to confirm that he is in receipt of a complaint in respect of an incident at the St George’s Bus Terminus, which involves one of his Officers and a student.

“The Commissioner wishes to inform the general public that an investigation has been launched into the complaint and assures everyone that it will be one of fairness.”

The student’s mother told THE NEW TODAY that she has retained the services of former Government Minister, Attorney at Law, Peter David, to represent the interest of her child in the court matter.

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