China Harbour gets down to business

China Harbour-logoChina Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC), an international renowned Company, opened its regional sub-office in Grenada last week Tuesday.

The office is located at the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) building on the Kirani James Boulevard.

Keynote Speaker at the event, Xiao Yanming, Senior Engineer & Vice Secretary of CPC, JRMC Branch, said the opening of the office in Grenada will serve as a sub-regional office as the company expands its services into the Eastern Caribbean.

“We are willing to build up a China Harbour Grenada Family”, he told the brief ceremony attended by government and private sector officials.

The internationally renowned design and construction firm was awarded the contract in April to begin engineering works and construction on the St. Mark’s Flood Mitigation Project.

The project involves watercourse dredging, slope protection and reconstruction, flood mitigation structure construction and waterfront road sub grade repair at a cost of US$5 million.

The construction is expected to begin within two weeks and completed in 12 months. About 90 residents are expected to get employment on the project.

According to Yanming, his company has already made significant investment in the country.

Yanming said that the company has already begun investing in the country.

“We have already rented four apartments in Lance Aux Epines, we have purchased three vehicles from a local supplier, we have also rented an apartment and a project office in St. Mark and have erected temporary storage facilities, using all local labour. This is quite a significant injection of cash into the local economy”, he remarked.

Other infrastructural projects to be undertaken by the Chinese company include a new airport facility at Lauriston, Carriacou and the upgrading of the facilities at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA).

Yanming disclosed that in order to facilitate its work programme on the island, the firm has already started to mobilise drill rigs to commence work as early as possible on the Geo-Technical Investigation for these projects.

The equipment, he said, are expected to arrive in Grenada later this month.

The Senior Engineer & Vice-Secretary said that China Harbour Engineering Company takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and will sponsor a number of projects on the island similar to the portfolio of projects it assisted in other islands.

He disclosed that the company has decided to grant five scholarships to locals to study in China.

Yanming said that the St. Mark’s Flood Mitigation Project would serve as the platform for the formation of a deeper and more meaningful relationship towards greater economic development and prosperity in Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean region.

The Chinese company with Caribbean and Latin American Regional offices has also undertaken major projects in Mexico, Panama, Chile and Columbia.

Resident Ambassador from the People’s Republic of China to Grenada, Ou Boqian also addressed the ceremony and described the official opening of the China Harbour office in Grenada as “auspicious” as it coincides with China’s 64th Anniversary.

She commended the company on opening its sixth office in the Caribbean.

Recalling some of the most dynamic accomplishments of the company, which includes the construction of two of China’s longest bridges in excess of 36km across the ocean, the Ambassador said that the company’s good reputation and social responsibility is well known and its presence in Grenada would create job opportunities for the people of the country.

Engineering studies for the St. Mark’s Flood Mitigation Project took place over the past several months under the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

Over the past three years since entering the Caribbean region, China Harbour has successfully completed a few large-scale infrastructure projects in Jamaica, where the company’s regional headquarters is located.

It has also done projects in the Bahamas, with the Little Abaco Bridge project, and in Guyana, with the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.



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