Grenadian nurses explore foreign opportunities

A number of unemployed Grenadian trained nurses could soon find gainful employment in Trinidad and Tobago, as the Governments of Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago explore another avenue in its joint cooperation agreement.

Grenadian health administrators view this new development as a worthwhile venture with many personal and economic benefits to the nurses and the country as a whole, especially in relation to the quality of the Grenadian nursing education program.

According to the Chief Nursing Officer in the Ministry of Health and Social Security, Nester Edwards, a three member delegation from the Ministry of Health in Trinidad and Tobago had completed interviews and set the stage for the recruitment of more than three dozen nurses earlier this week.

She told the Government Information Services (GIS) that from all indications, the delegation was satisfied and that the process is being fast-tracked to have the hiring process completed before year-end.

Forty nurses including ten Cuban trained – were among the candidates vying for positions. Edwards said a detailed report including the selected candidates is expected by September 27.

GIS said the move to assist the nurses to find employment was started by Prime Minster, Dr. Keith Mitchell when he attended a high level meeting in the twin island Republic after taking office in February.

Discussions along that line were further intensified by Health and Social Security Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen when she attended and met with Trinidadian health officials at Health Ministers Assembly in Geneva a few months ago.

On her return, Dr. Curwen-Modeste indicated that the discussions were favourable, and that the objective was to create opportunities for trained nurses to utilise their skills and services where there was a need.

In recent times, GIS said Minister Curwen-Modeste has been identifying and creating opportunities to utilise the skills of trained medical caregivers and has mandated that many of the nurses be observed in the Ministry’s Primary Health Care program which was launched in July.

During the recent recruiting exercise, the nurses were informed of a proposed financial package, working conditions, skill-sets and other important matters including the duration of the contractual arrangement which is likely to be three years in the first instance.

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