GUT Credit Union provides funding to students

As parents make final preparations for their children’s entry into secondary school in the new academic school year which begins on September 2, members aof the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) Co-operative Credit Union has provided them with some financial assistance.

The presentation was made last week Friday at Emporium Building on St. John’s Street, St. George’s.

Head of the Education Committee, Kim Parris said that as part of meeting the needs of its members, some 103 children have benefited from the CPEA (Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment) Grant this year.

Parris said that as part of its social responsibility, the GUT Cooperative Credit Union recognises the importance of higher education and life-long learning

The GUT Cooperative Credit Union Head urged the students to persevere in their school work and do not feel daunted when the pressure may come on them.

“Remember, you should never give up since failure is only achieved when we stop trying,” she said.

The grant was in the sum of $250.00. However, $50.00 of that sum is being contributed to the children’s Smart Saver’s Account.

The money will allow parents to have a wider spending power for the purchase of books, uniform and other school supplies.

“It is our hope that the assistance provided… will serve to contribute towards reducing the financial burden associated with back to school preparations,” Parris said.

The initiative to assist the GUT Cooperative Credit Union Members has been in existence for over eight years.

To date over $175,000.00 has been invested in the programme.


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