Darshan Ramdhani goes into private practice

The Government of Grenada is in search of a new Solicitor General.

Guyanese attorney Darshan Ramdhani who held the position for almost four years has parted company with the government last week Friday on what he described as “good terms.”

In a telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY Newspaper on Tuesday, Ramdhani said he has no issues with the government and that he continues to have a good relationship with his former employer.

The former Solicitor General announced that he has entered into private practice at the Law Firm of Ramdhnai and Associates that is being operated with his wife, Sabrita Khan-Ramdhani.

He has been a lawyer for 16 years, and came to Grenada on the invitation of the New National Party (NNP) Government back in 2003.

Throughout his time in Grenada, Ramdhnai worked as Senior Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Pubic Prosecutions, and at the Ministry of Legal Affairs as a civil lawyer before his final stint as Solicitor General from 2008.


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