Cheros 1The streets of St George will glitter with “Moods and Attitudes” as Commancheros & Associates bring to town five sections of fancy mas featuring moods and expressions for Carnival 2013.

The costumes for the august festival will feature a children section, “Playful Mood”, and others such as “Loving Mood”, “Envy Mood – Green”, Sad Mood – Blue”, Happy Mood – Yellow” and “Savage Mood – Red”.

Queen of the Band, Denisha Frank told reporters during the official launch last week Wednesday that the Commancheros & Associates Mas Committee was established in 1993 with the objective of promoting, preserving and developing the cultural product of Grenada’s Carnival.

She said that the creativity of the group has been tried and tested and experimenting with a variety of concepts and design styles that have enabled them to capture the title of Band of the Year on twenty-two (22) occasions.

Cheros 2Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Senator Brenda Hood, who was in attendance complimented the Band for what she believes is a demonstration of professionalism, high quality product and being possessed with genuine supporters.

Sen. Hood promised a much bigger and better Spice Mas 2K13 and assured that her ministry will endeavour to have carnival products launched earlier next year as well as continuous promotion of the festival by the new government.

Chairman of the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC), Arthur Hosten encouraged other bands to launch their products early as the St. Paul’s band as this contributes to a better Carnival product for Grenada.

“Early planning and initiatives like this is the way to go,” he remarked.

Hosten stressed that the amount of titles won by the band shows that its members are doing something right.

General Manager of the band’s Official sponsor, LIME, Angus Steele said that the company has been supporting Commancheros for the past four years.

Cheros 3He stressed that the marriage between the Steelband and the Mas Band has been a good partnership as Commancheros & Associates is the only band that is consistently on the road every year and with a steelband.

Other sponsors of the Band gave their support and commitment to Commancheros & Associates.

Managing Director of Netherlands Insurance, Richard Strachan, said that he is proud to be associated with the Band’s launch of “Moods and Attitudes”, as well as its professional way of doing business over the years.

Marketing Officer of Port Louis Nicholson Marina, Danny Donelan, said that they are proud to be a sponsor of the Band, adding that on a yearly basis at least 20 visitors play mas with the St. Paul’s outfit.

Brand Manager for Carib, Gilani Glean congratulated Commancheros & Associates for being a stalwart in Grenada’s Carnival, saying the “number one Beer of Grenada” is proud again to sponsor the Band.

Manager of Grenada Distillers, Ruel Edwards, expressed his company’s pleasure at being affiliated with the Band, while Robina Lewis of “Fit for Life” outlined a number of special packages available for managers and employees as well as extra special packages for the band in preparation for Spice Mas 2K13.


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