Trump said he approved the songs on Jan. 6 about hanging Pence

Shortly afterwards, hundreds of rioters chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” Jan. On May 6, 2021, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows walked out of the Oval Office into the dining room, into his own office, and addressed colleagues, including President Donald J. Wright. Trump complains that the vice president is a whip. Security.

According to an account submitted to the House Committee on January 6, Mr. Meadows, then Mr. Trump said something and told colleagues that perhaps Mr. Pence should be hanged.

It is not clear in what tone Mr Trump was said to have spoken. But the announced comment is further evidence of how serious the rift between the president and his vice president is, and Mr. Not only did Trump fail to take action to stop the rioters, Mr. He recognized their feelings about Pence. – He put pressure on the defeated to block the certification of the election college results of the day – a reflection of his own frustration at not being able to recover his loss.

As the committee created a timeline of what the president was doing during the riots, Mr. Trump’s account was first presented to the House Committee by at least one witness, two of whom briefly spoke of their mission.

Another witness was Cassidy Hutchinson, Mr. Mr. Trump was in his office when the comments were made. People familiar with the group’s work say that the account was confirmed by a former aide to Meadows. It was not immediately clear how detailed information Ms Hutchinson provided. He has collaborated with the team in three separate interviews since receiving Sapona.

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Mr. One of Meadows’ attorneys, Mr. Meadows said the claim was “untrue” and “has every reason to believe”.

Mr. Trump’s spokeswoman Taylor Budovich criticized the group’s work. “The vague ‘leaks’ of this non-partisan group, the anonymous testimony and the willingness to change the evidence prove that this is an extension of the Democrats’ slander campaign, which has been repeatedly exposed as fabricated and dishonest,” he said. “Americans are tired of Democratic lies and jokes, but, unfortunately, this is the only thing they have to offer.”

Mr. Budovich did not specify the meaning of the information provided to the team.

Ms. Hudson’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for the group declined to comment.

Joseph R. Mr Biden was asked to use his formal role in overseeing the certification of the January 6 congressional election vote to prevent or delay Jr.’s victory. After weeks of pressure from Trump and some of his allies, Mr. Benz objected. They do not believe the vice president has that power. Despite what Benz and his advisers said, Mr Trump kept the pressure on himself privately and publicly until that morning.

Mr. During a rally at the Ellipse, shortly before Trump began his Electoral College certification at Capitol, Mr. Benz denounced not wanting to go with the effort.

“We want to be very respectful of everyone,” he said. Trump said in a cutting speech that he attacked various individuals and companies who did not cooperate with his wishes. “We have to fight very hard. And Mike Pence must come for us. If he does not do so, it will be a sad day for our country because you have vowed to uphold our constitution.

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Shortly afterwards, Mr. Trump’s supporters marched to the Capitol at his urging. Some say, “Hang Mike Pence!” Chanted. The gallows was set up outside the Capitol building. With the expulsion of the top Congress leadership of both the parties, Mr. who had earlier come to Capitol. Pence was taken safely to the basement garage.

According to testimony heard by the committee, Mr. who was watching television throughout the riot. Trump endorsed those slogans.

Mr. Mr. Trump. When he tweeted his dissatisfaction with Pence not only to his aides but also to the public, at 2:24 pm, when rioters stormed the building, he said, “Mike Pence did not have the courage. What should have been done to protect our country and our constitution.

Mr. The panel is trying to develop a report depicting events as part of the search for Trump to stay in office, including how he provoked anger among his supporters and Mr. Pence turned it against members of Congress for the usual certification process.

According to two people who explained the group’s questions, Mr. The team also collected evidence that Meadows used the fireplace in his office to burn documents. Mr. after the election. The panel asked witnesses how Meadows handled the documents and records. When asked about the evidence related to the fireplace, Mr. Meadows’ lawyer did not respond.

The news came as one of the five Republican members of Congress who received saponies to appear before the committee signaled that he would not appear for his confession on Friday if the committee did not hand over the larger documents to him.

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Ohio’s Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who will take over as chairman of the Judicial Council if he takes control of his party council next year, has demanded that he be given “all the documents, videos or other material at the disposal of the select committee.” Will be used for his query and his name will appear in the possession of the group.

“Your attempt to force a witness to a colleague’s debate on a legally binding legislative issue and an important constitutional function is a dangerous increase in the pursuit of political revenge by the House Democrats,” he said. Jordan wrote to Penny Thompson, a representative of Tegra Missy. Chairman of the Committee.

Spokesman for the group, Mr. Jordan did not immediately respond.

Four other Republican congressmen, including California leader Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, have denigrated the group, but have not refused to testify. Their two confessions are scheduled for Thursday.

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