Tom Hanks and Tina Fey SNL’s Govt-Striken 2021 Final

30 was the situation at Rox Studio 8H A fluid full of uncertainty.

Saturday at 3 p.m., The New York PoseT reported that there was some kind of govt explosion between them Live Saturday night Cast with “A Set Insider” Says “Four actors have tested positive for the corona virus – and ‘three’ have been called in because they are now ‘scared’ of coming to the NBC studio at 30 Rockefeller Center, where the weekly sketch show was filmed in the Midtown.”

SNL Then Announced The sketch-comedy show runs “with a limited cast and crew” due to “no live viewers” and the destruction of New York City by the Omigran variant, resulting in a record number of daily COVID cases (compared to 9,822-about 900 cases a day in early November).

If that’s not enough, dinner music guest Charlie XCX Wrote She was told it was around-3pm Mail The story ran — his “section of the show could not advance for everyone’s safety” and should be canceled.

All of this begs the question: Isn’t Lorne Michaels 77 years old who still oversees every aspect of the show? Don’t we have to safeguard and secure it with our newly crowned Exotic Man Paul Root? It is not responsible SNL Will everything happen? Yet they were stubborn.

The final episode of Season 47 of 2021 started things off with a pre-recorded monologue by Tom Hanks, who took to the stage playing his five-timers club smoking jacket — the club started by the Hanks. SNL Five times.

“Thank you, I am Tom Hanks. Thank you, Survivors, ”he began. “Tonight, everyone Live Saturday night We plan to host our big Christmas event and add a new member to our Five-Timers Club, but Kovit came earlier this year. So, in the interest of safety we had no spectators and sent our cast and most of the crew home. But I came here from California. If you think I’m not flying 3,000 miles and coming on TV, you’ll have another idea! ”

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He Then Tina brought out Faye, Another member of the Five-Timers Club. “You know, I started the Five-Timers Club,” Hanks offered, to which Faye replied, “Oh, like you started Govit?”

The two then enlisted Root in the Five-Timers Club with the help of SNL’s longest serving actor Kenan Thompson.

“Look at that, it’s beautiful!” Root of the smoking jacket shouted.

Next came a video message from Steve Martin – who mistakenly identified Root as Hanks Only murders in the building Co-star Martin Short just wanted to be a three-time director — followed by some old-fashioned “taped at the beginning of the week” sketches.

So, it looks like SNL It all happened. Kind of.

To learn more, ask SNL alumni Rachel Trotsch and Ana Costier The last laugh Web light.

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