‘This Is Us’ Family Ron Cephas Jones Death – Timeline

The loss of Ron Cephas Jones at the age of 66 unites those who knew him personally and those who worked with him on set.

Created by Ron Fogelman This is usSebas took to social media to mourn his loss and reminisce about the “magical time” they had together on the drama series.

“A great loss. Ron was great – on screen, on stage and in real life. Cool. Easy hanging and laughing. My God: what an actor. I don’t think I changed a single take of him… because everything he did was perfect…,” Fogelman. He shared In X, the microblogging social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

In a second post, Fogelman continued, “I first got to know Ron early on This is us, a magical time when we all felt like we were being shot out of a cannon. Even when madness swirled around us, he was always steady, always grateful. He loved actors. He loved his daughter. And we loved him. All of us. ”

Sterling K., who played Jones’ biological son. Brown This is usThe actor also took to social media to share his thoughts after learning about the actor’s loss.

“Life follows art today, and we’re no longer without one of the most amazing people the world has ever seen,” Brown shared. Instagram.

“[Jones] passed away, and the world is a little brighter,” he added. “Brother, you are loved. And you will be missed. Make them laugh at the next level of existence and I’ll see you when I get there.

Jones died at the age of 66 following “long-term lung problems”.

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