The journalist killed in the Russian attack in Kiev has been identified

The first cargo of Ukrainian corn has been exported via the Black Sea since Russia’s invasion took off from Romanian ports on Friday, preventing a Russian naval siege that halts Ukraine’s grain exports, according to the port’s operator.

Viorel Panait, director of Comvex SA, which operates the port, said 71,000 metric tons of cargo of Ukrainian corn left the port of Constanta early Friday morning in bulk.

Ukraine was one of the world’s largest grain exporters before Russia’s invasion. The United States was the fourth largest exporter of corn, after Brazil and Argentina, and the largest exporter of wheat, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

But the invasion of Russia Has damaged farms in Ukraine And blocked the flow of agricultural products leaving the Black Sea ports, Helps to raise the price of grain And adds concerns about global food security.

As grain accumulates within the country, traders, farmers and the Ukrainian government are exploring alternative export routes.

The Black Sea port of Constanta, less than 100 miles from Ukraine, is connected to Ukraine via the Danube River, proving to be one such route. Polish ports in the Baltic Sea are another to be considered.

The sudden diversion of Ukrainian grain exports has caused logistics headaches. Ukraine’s railway infrastructure is difficult to deal with, especially since its Soviet-era routes are different from those found in neighboring countries.

He said it was the first silver corn export successfully exported from Ukraine via the Black Sea since the start of the war. Panite said. He said the steady flow of Ukrainian grain goes by boat through the Danube to Constanta.

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“We all feel that the Ukrainian people need this help because we have put a lot of effort into establishing this cargo flow,” he said.

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