Sen Roberts: PM Mitchell is ‘the Master of Deception’

Labour Senator, Ray Roberts has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell branding him “the master of deception, mamaguy and window dressing” following his recent statements made on the controversial Camerhogne Park issue. Dr. Mitchell told reporters last week that the developers of the planned Riviera hotel will go ahead with the project but without incorporating the park at this stage. However, PM Mitchell did not rule out revisiting the park at a later stage prompting some political analysts to suggest that he intends to relook Camerhogne Park if he wins the next general election. In an … Continue reading

Finton De Bourg trial finally begins

The highly anticipated high court trial involving fraud brought against owner of the now defunct Capitol Bank International, Finton De Bourg, finally got on the way Tuesday at the No. 2 High Court on the Carenage in St. George’s. The controversial banker was arrested in 2009 and charged for fraudulently applying funds of Capital Bank for his own benefit, another charge of falsification of accounts and three charges of falsification of the minutes of the Board of Directors of CapBank. The criminal charges against De Bourg involves Capbank monies amounting to approximately EC$17 million, dating as far as 2002 with … Continue reading

Policeman Shoots One in Three-Way Love Affair

A 38-year old bus conductor of Springs, St. George’s is hospitalised nursing injuries from a bullet wound he received late Saturday afternoon at the hands of a policeman as part of a 3-way lover’s quarrel. THE NEW TODAY visited Chris “Coolie” Hinds on Sunday at the St. George’s General Hospital where he is a patient after being allegedly shot by the officer whom he identified as Gabriel “Amos” Andrew who is attached to the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF). Hinds was allegedly shot in front of his girl friend  who he accused of having an affair … Continue reading

The battle against Pest and Disease

This is a tribute to Paul Graham, Head, Pest Management Unit. A number of serious diseases and pests, unintentionally brought in, have almost wiped out the Farming Industry in Grenada over the last half century. In the 1970 to 1980 era it was the moko disease in banana, an export crop at the time. Moko is a soil borne disease that causes the entire tree to wilt, then die. Farmers lost bearing trees, and the Banana Society spent millions of dollars to bring it under control. Farmers were not allowed to move plants nor soil from one part of Grenada … Continue reading

20 Years for Murder

Closure has finally come to the murder of well-known businesswoman Marjorie Laurian Redhead who was killed on January, 3, 2012. The accused, Kevin Morris of Calabash Ally, Grand Mal St. George’s was given a 20-year jail sentence on Tuesday by High Court judge, Justice Shiraz Aziz in the No.1 high court. The 60-year old Redhead who resided at Parade, St. George’s operated Lourina Tiles & Lights at Woodlands, St. George’s. Redhead was reportedly killed on the day in which she was due to hold a staff meeting to discuss theft of items at the business place on December 20, 2011. … Continue reading

A delivery of tinkering pittance is cot Constitutional Reform

We thought we would get what is needed and long overdue – genuine, meaningful, comprehensive constitutional reform – but instead we are getting only a pittance of politically motivated symbolic change (six watered-down bills and another which is entirely contrary to what came out of the limited consultations). In fact, only one of these bills, which would be voted upon in the October 27th, 2016 Referendum in Grenada, would substantially result in having us further shed the chains of neo-colonialistic control and backwardness, in my personal view. Rather than having a constitutional reform process based on best practices of inclusive … Continue reading

Water woes!!

Governments are obligated and must protect, by means of, licensing, regulating and testing, its public waters, quality and quantity, for human piped or bottled consumption, animal and plant farming, industrial usage, waste water treatment and flood management, to preserve and enhance living standards. Licence geographically, natural or man-made water courses, collection dams and wells, and runoffs points, to qualified and competent operators. Regulate such operations as to their professional practices; engineering, procurement, maintenance and financial, to justify the operation’s pricing. Testing on a frequent but random basis the water quality assigned for specific distribution categories and measuring various factors, such … Continue reading

Ramification of US invasion

I want to look at certain things from the mid-1980s after the demise  of the Grenada Revolution and the American invasion of our island. Many thought that the invasion would have brought about major social and economic changes to the lives of many Grenadians who were hoping to be part of Uncle Sam’s promise that Grenada would have now been  the bastion of hope within the Caribbean. It was felt back then that people will have tremendous opportunities moving away from communism and many Grenadians fell for it. The first major institution that was given by the Americans was a … Continue reading

“Woman On The Bass”

It was back in 1980 that Scrunter gave the world “Woman On The Bass” and now that  technology has taken us to a new frontier some 36 years later, it’s “Who Is The Pint Size On Tenor”?  She might have gone unrecognized had it not been for the video taping and uploading on YOU TUBE during panorama 2015, but the moment was captured. Young and tiny with a slim body size and looking as though she might  be a good candidate in a couple of years to be put into training to ride at Ascot, Newmarket, Woodbine, Churchill Downs, Santa … Continue reading

Attorney David comes to Paryag’s assistance

Attorney-at-Law, Peter David has given Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill Court an undertaking to have former Magistrate Henry Paryag to appear in a coroner’s sitting as a key witness in the road fatality of Raleight Whint. Paryag is accused of being the person responsible for Whint’s death that took place at Grand Anse, St. George’s on October 10th 2013. However, the State failed to lay a charge of causing death by reckless driving on Paryag who is a former Magistrate. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions opted for Paryag to appear before a Coroner and Jurors to ascertain if … Continue reading