Work of Save the Camerhogne Park Committee

The Save the Camerhogne Park committee is now a registered non-profit organisation, as it continues its battle to keep the park as a national patrimony and not be sold by government to developers in the private sector.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY newspaper in an exclusive interview, Chairman of the committee, Jude Bernard said that the group is now pushing its Bumper Sticker Campaign as there is need for it to get off on a sound footing.

Proper maintenance of the park is expected with this new undertaking by the committee

Bernard said the Committee is encouraging locals to appreciate the park and its use as an important part of Grenada’s patrimony, and to see it as an example for prudent environmental planning, and as an ideal location for community-building activities.

He pointed out that the committee which was registered as a non-profit entity on September 18 in currently collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the enhancement and proper maintenance of the park.

He said the members of the group are committed to demonstrating transparency throughout its dealings with the general public on the Camerhogne Paerk issue.

“…We also felt that there is a need to have transparency in terms of funds we hope to collect, so that people won’t be writing cheques to individual members or giving them cash. So, we felt that we should have a proper bank account, which we have also set up at the Grenada Co-operative Bank”, he said.

“We want to do things right, we want to give people also a number of options for making contribution to the campaign because as we said, we believe we may have to raise about $100,000 because we want to print in excess of 20,000 stickers,” he said.

According to Bernard, the committee is mindful of the need to put in place a system to cater for persons who want to be silent contributors to the cause.

He said: “There are many people who have indicated their support for protecting and preserving the Camerhogne Park, however, some of them are very close (supporters) of the government and all those people who don’t want to get involved or mixed up in anything that’s going to look political or anti-government and they didn’t want their actions to (be) misconstrued as being against the government but in actual fact, they are just being for the park”.

“… Most of the people will like to be anonymous when supporting the project… so by having a bank account, by having an email address, having a website and all those things…”, he added.

Bernard also said: “…Very soon we are going to activate a facebook page…we are giving folks numerous options on how they can get involved…to share ideas and to work with us to put together a comprehensive plan for protecting and preserving the park, maintaining and sustaining it”.

Bernard disclosed that the committee will soon engage in follow-up contact with the Ministry of Tourism to help enhance the park through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

He promised that in the coming weeks a comprehensive plan will be put together to ensure that all the objectives of the group are met.

“We have done some of the ground work we wanted to do and we’re now ready to get all the support that we can garner from the general public, both here and in the diaspora …to put together a campaign in protection of the park”, he said.

“We are looking at printing different types of (material) because some people want windscreen stickers, some want bumpers, some want some for windows – so different sizes. So, we can all probably go into some kind of merchandising like T-Shirts and some other things but we first have to raise the money and we didn’t want to start (to) raise the money unless we had the infrastructure in place…now we have the infrastructure with the certificate of incorporation and a bank account”, he added.

The Bank Account number through which monetary contributions can be made to the Save the Camerhogne Park Committee is 413000607 and committee members can be contacted on (473) 415-1146 or through its P.O. Box 1121, St. George’s, Grenada.

Is Ewart Layne of good character?

Thank you for putting the Ewart Layne scandal on your front page on Friday, October 5th.

The unthinkable is happening. It is not only that a Bishop Killer is going to be allowed to become a lawyer, but another side of this person who was widely known as “Headache” during the revolution, aka Lieutenant-Colonel Ewart Layne of the People’s Revolutionary Army, is that he personally carried out the most sickeningly cruel tortures of a great many Grenadians, as has been well documented.

It will suffice to draw the attention of your readers to only one of these horrifying acts, carried out on Winston Simon of Tivoli, aka “Broko”.

The following is an extract from a “Statement by Winston Simon of Tivoli, St. Andrew’s:

“TO: His Excellency, The Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon

FROM: Christopher Williams, Member of Advisory Council,

DATE: May 14th 1984.”

“Layne then took hold of my balls took a razor blade and began slicing them. While he was cutting me up Redhead was pouring pepper water on the cuts. Salt water was also poured on the cuts. Apart from cutting the balls the foreskin of the penis was cut and slight cuts on the penis were also made. Salt water and pepper water were poured on the penis.

While this exercise was going on Randy Bobb was continually beating my head with the butt of his pistol. My head was bursted in six or seven places as a result. There was much blood in the cell. They then put me outside the cell.”

I have copied it as it was written. This excerpt reveals only a few of the things Layne and others did to Simon on that day. It is amazing that he could live through it. The Redhead referred to is Lester Redhead, aka “Goat”.

It is not just for his part in Bishop’s murder that Layne should never be allowed to be a lawyer but because for years his sadistic nature caused unspeakable agony and injury to many of his victims.

Winston Simon never fully recovered from the damage Layne inflicted upon his body and Simon died a few years ago in his late 50s.

In her judgement of December 20th, 2013, Justice Margaret Price-Findlay spoke of the need for a barrister to be of good character, otherwise barristers could get a bad name. If it should be decided that Ewart Layne is of good character then the Grenada Bar Association must be rotten at its heart.

Fitzroy Louison

Editor’s Note: THE NEW TODAY is aware of this documentation as stated above as Layne was indeed charged for the offence of causing harm to Simon but the case was apparently never pursued by the State which concentrated on the murder charge that was slapped on him for the October 19, 1983 mass killings on Fort Rupert.

Preliminary Inquiry commences into sex charges against SGU student

The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into two (2) indictable sex charges slapped against 23-year Nigerian student,

Accused sex-offender Joshua Okoronkwo from Nigeria

which started at the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court in August is set to continue on October 22.

Okoronkwo was close to completing his studies at St. George’s University (SGU) in July, when the sex charges – Defilement of a Young Female between the ages of 13 and 16 and Permitting the Defilement of a Young Female – were laid against him.

The offences were reportedly committed against the young girl, early in June in the south of the island.

The Nigerian has retained the services of Attorney-at-Law Darshan Ramdhani to assist him in the matter.Okoronkwo, who resided in the southern village of Mont Toute, has been on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison since July 5.

The teenager, along with her mother, were the first of the Prosecution’s six (6) witnesses to give evidence when the PI started before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), through Crown Counsel Brendon La Touché is prosecuting the case on behalf of the State.

The media is not allowed in court for the hearing.

The alleged sex offender is facing a maximum penalty of 15 years imprisonment on the indictable Defilement of a Young and 5 years maximum on the indictable Permitting the Defilement of a Young Female charge.

In recent years, sexual matters have dominated the Cause List of high court sitting with 67 out of the 148 cases listed in the September assizes being of a sexual nature.

In an attempt to address the festering issue in the country, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has launched a Special Victims Unit and a Sexual Abuse Hotline to investigate all incidents involving victims and to collaborate with other entities and stakeholders to provide special intervention and support to victims.

TAWU responds to One Caribbean Media

The Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) could be on a collision course with One Caribbean Media (OCM), the parent company of the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) over recent protest action by employees against Acting General Manager, Odette Best-Campbell.

Odette Best Campbell is still getting opposition at GBN

President-General of the union, Andre Lewis is not impressed with a letter sent by company Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Camejo, in which he warned the media employees against taking any further industrial action.

Lewis, the current Senator for Labour in the Upper House of Parliament, warned that no one will be allowed to “tell us when to take industrial action”.

“…This action was taken to highlight the plight of the workers in the company. It is not an action against the company – the workers are not against the company, the workers want to work, the workers want the company to be effective and efficient…”, he said.

Camejo has dismissed the recent protest action taken by the GBN employees as “inappropriate” since there are “more meaningful and efficient methods to communicate any form of employee dissatisfaction”.

The GBN workers have listed a number of grievances against Best-Campbell including abuse of power, abuse of workers, expletive-laden threats to workers, favouritism, cronyism and creeping nepotism.

The protest action taken a few weeks ago by GBN employees was aimed at getting OCM to remove her Best-Campbell from the position.

The CEO told the workers in his response letter that their complaints had no merit based on an investigation that was carried out.

Lewis brushed aside the letter from Camejo on the grounds that he is not aware of any thorough investigation that was done.

“That (response) can’t make sense, as I said, no investigation was carried out and the workers have had their experience. These workers did not just get up today for today and try to bring their plight to the attention of the public and management publicly”, he said.

“You (the local media) must be aware, based on your connection, from what have been reported by the workers that they have been having a number of challenges over the years that they have been trying to get addressed. So, this comment about the concerns are unfounded, the question would arise, how did the company come up with that, that the charges are unfounded and they did not interview the workers,” he added.

The TAWU boss questioned the credibility of the letter and contents.

He said: “Out of respect, if I could muster some respect, because I don’t think that the Chairperson would sink himself to such a low level. However, this is a letter coming from the company…just these utterances in this correspondence must indicate that it cannot be someone who holds a very senior position in the company, who is expected to be a leader in the company, one who is expected to be at an intellectual and academic level can make a statement of this that those things are unfounded, when for instance you have not carried out an investigation, you have not carried out an objective investigation.

“… You are yet to engage the bulk of workers who have signed the petition, the bulk of workers who took the action to bring light to the concerns that they have and therefore, I would hate to think that the person who wrote this letter gave thought to what they were doing. And if they thought they would have gotten away with something like this, it has just put the ball back in the court at the company and the company shall be held responsible and the author of this letter shall be held responsible for whatever may develop within the company,” he added.

According to Lewis, the objective of TAWU and the GBN staffers is to get an independent investigation conducted into their complaints and to “allow the chips to fall where they may.”

“There must be a proper investigation conducted because this is what we have demanded and this is what the company had agreed to and they would not be allowed to get through with any cover-ups. At the end of the day, allow the chips to fall where it may because an investigation, I cannot or no one can say what the outcome of an investigation will be, but it must be done and it must be done properly.

“I can tell you that not one of the workers was interviewed by the company following the correspondence that we have sent to the company’s Chairman.

Lewis disclosed that TAWU will be responding to OCM shortly to ensure that the concerns of the GBN workers are fully addressed.

He said: “…An investigation has been requested by the workers and the union. The workers would know what they would like to hear, but none of us can say with absolute certainty what the outcome of the investigation may be but …the workers have concerns, therefore it must be addressed”.

EC$900, 000 Drug Bust on West Coast

Police have conducted another successful operation in which three men, including a Vincentian national were arrested in connection with the discovery of close to EC$1m worth of marijuana on the high seas, approximately 1 mile off the northern coast of Gouyave, St John.

Ronald Charles – the Vincentian national who was suspected of bringing the drugs in the country

Those taken into custody are Requin, St. David residents Lynton Murray, who is described as a 39-year-old Fisherman, along with 35-year-old Farmer, Anthony Jones and Vincentian Labourer, Ronald Charles, 38.

The drug suspects were nabbed at sea in the early morning hours of last week Thursday (October 4) during a marine operation by officers attached to the Drug Squad and the Coast Guard.

The Police Officers confiscated 425 pounds of marijuana, valued at EC$962, 200, along with the fishing vessel that was being used in the attempt to bring in the illegal substance into Grenada.

The lawmen believe that the drugs were being shipped into the country from neighbouring St. Vincent which is known for the growing of high-grade ganja.

The three arrested men who have been jointly slapped with indictable charges of Possession of a Controlled Drug, Trafficking in a Controlled Drug and Conspiracy to Import a Controlled Drug, made their first appearance Tuesday, before Magistrate Teddy St. Louis at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court.

Lynton Murray – nabbed on the high seas with the ganja

Attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin who was retained by the suspects to represent them in court requested a short adjournment in the matter instead of applying for bail for his clients pending the outcome of discussions with the Police Prosecution, which is being led by Inspector Glen Charles.

The lawyer who is hoping for a quick disposal of the matter, gave THE NEW TODAY newspaper some insight into why he took this course of action.

Noting that his clients, who are first time offenders, “one of them is a father of four, another is the father of three (and) the young man from St. Vincent has 6 children,” the attorney cited, what he described as the “greater problem brewing in society, where many, especially the nation’s youth, engage in illegal activities just to get by.

Anthony Jones – implicated in the 400 lbs of ganja case

“The increased trafficking of marijuana that we are seeing between our islands, reflect a reality (that) citizens with no record of trafficking in marijuana are seeing themselves with no option but to revert to illegal conduct to feed their families”, he said.

According to Attorney Edwin, his clients have admitted to the crimes for which they have been charged.

“I don’t think it’s in their interest or in the state’s interest to prolong this into a trial in which the resources of the state would be badly spent, so we are in discussions now with the Prosecutors to see what we can do to reduce the cost of judicial time and to arrive at an agreement for justice that is proper under the circumstances…that’s why I did not apply for bail,” Attorney Edwin said.

The matter is scheduled to come up again before Magistrate St. Louis at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court on October 23.

Another landmark anniversary for Mainland China

China has given an undertaking to assist Grenada in formulating a strategic plan for its development.

Resident Chinese ambassador, Dr. Zhao Yongchen gave the commitment at a ceremony held by the Chinese Embassy at the Radisson Crown Ball Room last Wednesday to mark the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Dr. Zhao Yougchen, Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenada and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter David share a toast

The ceremony was attended by high-level government officials, as well as members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and 100 personnel from the Chinese Ark Peace that was making its second voyage to Grenada to render medical assistance to locals.

Ambassador Zhao stated that over the last 69 years China has developed tremendously and that 2018 was one of its best years, as the economic growth rate of the world’s second major superpower had reached 6.8% in the first half this year and is expected to achieve medium-high growth throughout the year.

He referred to China and Grenada as both developing countries that face “similar development situation and tasks and broad common interests”.

“We look forward to working with Grenada to jointly implement the fruit of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on Belt and Road Initiative, to further enhance mutual trust, expand exchanges and promote China-Grenada relations to a new high…”, he said.

Many experts see the Belt and Road Initiative being promoted by China as the main platform to be used by the Far East country to challenge the world hegemony of the United States for global influence around the world.

According to the Chinese envoy, Beijing is “willing to share the successful experience of China’s development and help Grenada to formulate a strategic plan for national economic and social development”.

“We are delighted to see Grenada playing a more constructive role in the Latin American and Caribbean regional affairs to make due contribution to the formulation of a new international order”, he said.

“We are ready to work closely with the Government and people of Grenada to build a community with shared future of mankind, move toward a new type of international relations, and build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity”, he added.

Speaking on behalf of the Grenada government at the celebration, Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter David noted that China pursues a foreign policy based on peaceful co-existence and promoting International Co-operation for a harmonious world.

He backed the statement by pointing at the arrival of the Ark Peace, a Chinese medical military ship.

Minister David said: “In Grenada we have experienced first-hand and is experiencing as we speak the first of this noble ideal to promote peace, the presence of the Ark Peace, the People’s Liberation Army medical mission to Grenada.

“I want to on behalf of all of the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, thank you General (Guan Bailin) for coming to Grenada for the second time and for ensuring that thousands of people receive medical care.

“There can be no price or characterisation for the significant impact the mission of the Ark Peace make, especially in our parts of the world…”.

Minister David recalled that since the resumption of diplomatic relations in 2005 between China and Grenada, St. George’s has benefitted tremendously from assistance from its much richer counterpart.

“I can say with confidence that the relation between our governments and peoples have been fruitful in many respects and continues to be a hallmark decision.

“The strength and stability of our engagement is evident in the many technical and high-level visits, numerous co-operation programmes, education, housing, health care, agriculture, sports, and the various people to people exchanges that have been undertaken thus far.

Commander of the Ark Peace, General Guan Bailin, spoke of the deepening of the relationship between the  PRC and Grenada given the second visit of the Ark Peace to the island.

He said, “This is our second visit to Grenada, which is a reassurance of our brotherhood and renewal of our friendship. This visit will be another sweet memory of our bilateral relationship as the first one in 3 years.

“At present, the hospital has already started work and… in the following days, our medical service will go further into community, hospital, prison, outlying islands to promote mutual understanding, strengthen our traditional friendship, and that will make new contributions to China-Grenada relationship.”

The ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell took the decision in late 2004 to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favour of China that offered a lucrative package in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in September of the same year which caused widespread devastation to the island.

The island was split on the move in light of the millions of dollars that were pumped into the Grenadian economy by Taipei as part of its battle with Mainland China for diplomatic recognition around the world.

PWU demands apology

Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith, Claudius Mitchell Prime Minister of Grenada
Prime Minister’s Ministry Ministerial Complex
Sir Eric Gairy Botanical Gardens Tanteen

October 2, 2018

Dear Hon. Prime Minister Mitchell,

Request for a Public Apology to Health Care Workers

The Executive of the Grenada Public Workers’ Union (GPWU) are aggrieved, disappointed and shocked over the statements that you made in the Town Hall Meeting in New York, labeling nurses, doctors, orderlies and security as “incompetent and thieves”. The GPWU and its membership view your pronouncement as unfortunate and extremely injurious.

The GPWU is therefore kindly requesting that you issue an apology, in the public domain with international impact, to all health care workers.

Health professionals play a central and critical role in improving access and quality health care for the population. They provide essential services that promote health, prevent diseases and deliver health care services to individuals, families and communities based on the primary health care approach (WHO 2018).

Health care workers are the most valuable asset to a nation’s economy. They sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty to provide quality health care services to citizens and visitors.

They spend sleepless nights and go the extra mile to save lives and protect our nation’s people. Therefore, they must be valued, appreciated and treated with respect.
Hon. Prime Minister, on careful analysis of your statements, the GPWU believes that the health care workers of Grenada were severely disrespected, tainted and humiliated. These extra-ordinary citizens, who provide selfless service to our beloved country of Grenada, reputations were tarnished nationally, regionally and internationally.

Further, the defamatory statements have resulted in an increased level of verbal disrespect from many of our citizens towards the health care professionals. At the moment, many of our health care professionals are deeply hurt, demoralized, demotivated, and are experiencing an increased level of psychological stress.

In addition, the pronouncements threaten the economical and national security of our noble country, since many Grenadian citizens locally and in the diaspora, friendly regional and international governments and citizens, and donor agencies may refuse to donate financial and material resources, for fear that it would be stolen by our health care workers and not used for the benefits of the health care consumers.

Honourable Prime Minister the fact that you have referred to health care workers as incompetent may also have far reaching effects on the relationship between nurses and doctors who offer mentorship/pre-ceptorship and supervision to the medical and nursing students of the only university on our island, St. George’s University. As this medical institution play a vital role socially and economically in our country.

GPWU therefore know that because you are a leader and a person of high ethical principles, values and standards you will recognize the negative implications of your statements.

The GPWU is therefore kindly requesting that you issue an apology, in the public domain with international impact, to all health care workers.

This apology will assist in the restoring of the public’s trust and confidence in our health care members. It will also play a vital role in the rebuilding of the health care workers self-esteem, self-image, self-­confidence and self-worth.

Further, it will allow the GPWU, its health care members and you, honourable Prime Minister, to move forward, building a positive relationship. It will enable cooperation, to address critical challenges, with health care leaders and administrators which are affecting the development of this industry. For us, these challenges include but are not limited to, a lack of human and material resources and the contract employment of members.

However, it will be remiss of the GPWU if we fail to point out that our Public Service is equipped with well documented rules and regulations to investigate and discipline any public officer who may be found guilty of theft. We therefore recommend that the proper disciplinary procedures be utilized to deal with and discipline any public officer found guilty of stealing.

With reference to the allegation of the health care workers being incompetent, GPWU wishes to suggest that the performance appraisal system should be utilized to measure the performance of public officers to determine and deal with any incompetence in the performance of their duties. The employer must also institute the relevant corrective measures to support the officer(s), either through training and development or coaching and mentorship to facilitate improved performance.

As the representative of health care workers GPWU is therefore willing to meet with you or representatives of the Ministry of Health to discuss these allegations as well as the challenges raised above and determine solutions to strengthen our health care system.

We are confident, Honourable Prime Minister, that because you are a true leader with astute leadership qualities and values, you will lead by example, and honour the fraternity of health care workers with an apology.

We are assured that with this level of humility, you will continue to earn the respect, trust and confidence nationally, regionally and internationally.

With our highest regard,

Rachel Roberts (Ms.) BSc, MIB, MBA


With the announcement concerning the filing of Grenada’s first case with the 14th February 2001 Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on 25th September 2018, the golden opportunity is now opened for the people to understand the practical legality of the concept “access to justice”, as applied to the CCJ.

The proponents of the CCJ must also see and seize this opportunity, as an honourable obligation to explain the technicalities surrounding the use and operation of the CCJ.

In fact, many conflicting, questionable and confusing issues arise from the public statements by Attorney Ruggles Ferguson who is the chief lawyer in the case and a spokesman for the CCJ Advisory Committee which is spearheading the constitutional CCJ referendum planned for 6 November 2018.

A leading virtue of the CCJ is being promoted in terms of “access to justice”. The CCJ is presented profusely as being approachable and affordable to the ordinary people, as being the beginning and ending of all court cases, as being executing prompt and immediate judgements, as being delivering clean and comprehensive justice, as being hassle-free and free of political influence, and as being having no preliminaries or no preconditions to meet.

However, Grenadians have the opportunity to test these assertions by thoroughly following and analyzing the local first-time case, and by reviewing the internet-circulated five-part article “Is Grenada’s CCJ Referendum really about access to justice?” The full-truth must be ascertained before voting yes for CCJ.

The subject-case involves alleged bullying and humiliation meted-out to the Gilbert family of Grenada by the Royal Barbados Police Force in October 2016, and the action is taken against the state of Barbados in the Original Jurisdiction of CCJ.

Mr. Ferguson is hoping to cash-in for success at the November’s referendum on the so-called “access to justice” reality, with the “speed” of the CCJ’s filing, hearing and judgement as is typically boasted of by using the Eddy Ventose case (CCJ Appellate No. BBCV2018/001) and the Shanique Marie’s Original Jurisdiction case (CCJ Application No. OA 002 of 2012). But, what are the facts? Should Grenadians accept fake or artificial “access to justice”?

The ordinary Grenadian people have been undergoing grave injustice by the powers-that-be, particularly the government and the legal fraternity, having denied since the year 2001 significant information about the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and the Agreement establishing the CCJ with an Original Jurisdiction and an Appellate Jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the people have not been exposed and facilitated to the CCJ in its Original Jurisdiction which Grenada is qualified for and entitled to from that time. Yet, the powers-that-be tend to be chastising the people and making them scapegoat for not accepting CCJ in its Appellate Jurisdiction with a misleading process. Was “access to justice” confined to CCJ’s Appellate cases, and not related to the Original Jurisdiction?

Not only have the Government signed and committed local Grenadians to regional Caricom’s treaties without their knowledge, understanding and endorsement; but more specific, the ordinary people have not been sensitised and mobilised on the ‘first-hand’ alternatives for judicial redress.

“… The masses are kept in ignorance of the already available, user-friendly, less stressful, easier and cheaper avenues for the resolutions of conflicts and complaints, as facilitated by the Improved Access to Justice” (IMPACT Justice) Project referenced, and the Judicial Reform and Institutional Strengthening (JURIST) Project via; …”, cited from Part Four of the article, “Is Grenada’s CCJ Referendum really about access to justice?”

A derived warning from the public statements in relation to the filing of Grenada’s first CCJ case, of which the people must be aware, is that permission must be obtained from the Government before taking a case to the CCJ.

Since government is about politicians, then indeed political prejudice can affect, whether or not, a personal case is advanced to the CCJ for justice. Is this protocol providing an ‘automatic and unrestricted’ “access to justice”, as is being promoted?

Isn’t there a potential or perception of political interference which could result in delays to the extent of missing statutory limitations?

It has been reported that Attorney-At-Law Ferguson said that … we have applied for what you call special leave to bring the matter in the CCJ.

“So the application before the CCJ is for special leave to file the matter in the Caribbean Court of Justice,” he said (

“As an individual, they have to seek special leave of the CCJ to do so and the Government of Grenada has given consent to them bringing the matter before the CCJ. As individuals when you bring it as an individual you must get special leave. Now that the matter has been filed the next step will be a hearing date by the court for the substantive hearing” (

How must this revelation be taken? Is the Government’s authoritative role the hindrance for the people, or responsible for no previous cases being made to the CCJ in its Original Jurisdiction, and is this control also for the Appellate Jurisdiction?

Or, should it be concluded that there have not been any trade issues negatively affecting Grenada within Caricom? How should for example, the issue since the year 2013 concerning the Bee-honey producers be treated?

Meaningful “access to justice” must be well-defined.

J. K. Roberts

Minister Thomas condemns “sexual demeaning” video of mental patient

Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas has expressed disgust at a recent video which showed a mentally challenged young woman being sexually exploited.

She said that the police are investigating the origin of the video with a view to bringing criminal charges.

“The video has been transmitted to thousands of people. On the video what appears to be the voice of two men taking pleasure in conducting the filming as well as making inappropriate demeaning remarks,” Minister Thomas told Parliament.

She told legislators that the young woman was identified by the police and taken to the relevant institution for treatment.

The female government minister said that the woman has a long history of mental illness and called on society to be more sensitive to people with mental illness.

“What was seen on the tape was not a girl, a woman or sister deserving of ridicule but a fellow human deserving of our help and intervention. At a time when she was most vulnerable we as a society failed her”, she said.

Historic opening of Tyrrel Bay Port in Carriacou

The newly constructed Tyrrel Bay Port at Harvey Vale on the sister isle of Carriacou is now being outfitted for operational use with the hope of completely transitioning from the smaller Hillsborough Port facility to Tyrrel Bay within the “next two weeks.”

Manager Administrator at the Grenada Ports Authority Edward Lord (left) who greeted General Manager of the Ports Authority, Carlyle Felix as he disembarked the Osprey Shuttle, which symbolically berthed at the new port last week Thursday morning

This was the message given last week Thursday by General Manager of the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) Carlyle Felix as he addressed the historic ceremony held to mark the formal opening of the new port facility.

Felix told the gathering that the management and staff of the Port Authority is looking forward towards what he described as a “seamless transition” as sooner rather than later “our stakeholders and other users of the facility should have access to a wide range of benefits expected as a result of the move from Hillsborough to Tyrrel Bay”.

The new port facility, he said offers tremendous benefits for users such as “the sheltered nature of the Bay and the protection from swells that occur seasonally, the deeper and safer navigation channels with an average draft of about 13 meters, more berthing space for vessels, a very spacious warehouse/transit shed, massive yard storage space, state of the art accommodation for staff and other users of the port facility, a secured facility including fencing, lighting and CCTV cameras and design to accommodate ambulance for ferry service coming from Grenada to Carriacou”.

The modern state of the art port facility was constructed by the Chinese Tiang Su Geology and Engineering Company, with assistance from local Consultant, Selwyn Woodruff to the tune of EC$7.3m.

The port is designed to house the Departments of Customs, Immigration, Port, Health and Agricultural control.

Construction commenced on January 19, 2017 and was due for completion and delivery last December.

However, Felix said that “extra time was required to facilitate and implement a number of new ideas and suggestions from various stakeholders, including our Board of Directors and our Customs and Immigration departments”.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Rolda Quamina (left) Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs Kindra Mathurine-Stewart (center) and Prime Minister Keith Mitchell during a tour fo the new port facility

Apart from the additional security lighting and CCTV system, some other changes included “the paving of the yard, painting of the parameter fencing, construction of an emergency exit gate, and wheelchair ramps.

The Port Authority boss said that the most significant extra work to be done was to the design of the passenger terminal/welcome centre, which was “changed from a local and domestic passenger terminal only, to one that is now designed to handle passengers from international and regional ferry”.

Felix urged potential users of the passenger terminal to “help us to take care of the facility and do not abuse it in any way.

“After all it has already cost the Authority EC$7.3m to construct the entire facility and we really do not want to have to incur any major set of expenses over and above routine maintenance any time in the near future”, he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, who is the line minister for the Ports Authority.

He spoke of looking forward to the maintenance of the facility as it is seen as the “pride and joy of the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique”.

“It is important that when we expend serious resources that we take care of those facilities for the people and for generations to come”, PM Mitchell told the gathering.

Noting that a port at Tyrell Bay was the vision of former Member of Parliament for Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Elvin Nimrod, who was unable to attend the ceremony, the Prime Minister commended his former Deputy Prime Minister for his vision as he focused on the many economic benefits that can be derived.

“This has enormous potential in all sense of the word and therefore…I am particularly pleased with what is taking place here today because it has enormous implications for economic spinoff for the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique and the people as a whole,” he said.

Dr. Mitchell recalled the recent visit received from an executive team from the Board of Directors of Carnival Cruise Line who he said “made the point that they are going to be extending further cruises to Carriacou and Petite Martinique”.

“You know what that means sisters and brothers, more opportunity for the people of this area”, he said.

The Tyrrel Bay Port at Harvey Vale CArriacou

“It is significant (that) all (of) these things are happening,” PM Mitchell declared.

In her address at the ceremony, Member of Parliament for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, attorney-at-law, Kindra Mathurine-Stewart referred to the many expectations for the two small islands once the new port facility is operational.

She cited a “significant improvement in the service to port users, a reduction in cargo delivery time and improvement in vessel turn-around time.

The female minister was also high in praise for the new Welcome Centre put in place at the port facility.

“I am particularity proud”, said Minister Mathurine-Stewart, who added that, “no longer would we have to stand and wait or even run in the sun, wind or rain in order to board our ferry of choice”.

“We will be seated and accommodated in the comfort of our new terminal as we embark on our sea journeys,” she said amidst applause from the gathering.

The Parliamentary Representative pointed out that the new port would not only ease the burden of transacting business but will also allow for increase in the volume of businesses brought to the sister isles.

“More people would want to do business here now that the facilities are here,” said the female government minister as she expressed confidence “that these facilities will open new opportunities for our people with larger ships berthing here at times.”

According to Mathurine-Stewart “many services would be offered to support the new port” and already jobs have been created and much more will come now that it is completed.

“…We can all appreciate the economic value and the potential of a port to a country and I know that the Grenada Ports Authority will ensure that this port lives up to its fullest potential especially at this time when Grenada is positioning itself to be lead in ICT”, she said.