Grenada: The corruption state

Lord Acton, one of the best-known historians and scholars of that era, is best known for the remark in a letter to an Anglican bishop in 1887, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The continuing actions of the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith C. Mitchell gives credence to this quote, since Grenada appears to be displaying a galloping tendency by the NNP, with its absolute majority in Parliament, towards ‘absolute corruption’. Corruption is used in its classicist sense to mean “the use of powers by Government Officials for illegitimate private gain. Corruption is used to refer to where an illegal … Continue reading

Youth involvement as GARP celebrates month of Elderly

The Grenada Association for Retired Persons (GARP) is seeking to get the youth involved as they observe October as the month of the elderly with a variety of events. Two of the biggest events planned for the month are an expo village at Morne Rouge Playing Field in Grand Anse and the million persons march and motorcade. The month was officially kicked off with a church service on October 1 at the Evangelical Church situated on Market Hill, St. George, under the United Nation’s designated theme, “Stepping into the future: tapping the talents, contributions, and participation of older persons in … Continue reading

American Woman Caught With Cocaine

A 26-year-old American woman has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison on charges of Possession and Trafficking of approximately 5.9 ounces of Cocaine, with an estimated street value of $45, 000. Shelby Nicole Walton was identified as a package handler employed with FEDEX, who resided at Connecticut in the United States. The accused maintained her composure as she made her first appearance before Chief Magistrate Her Honour, Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court last week Friday. Walton was represented by criminal defense attorney, Peter David, who requested full disclosure in the matter and expressed his intention … Continue reading

Rape Convict Terry Noel Loses Appeal

The Court of Appeal on Monday upheld the consecutive 5-year and 9 months sentences handed down on former Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church elder, Terry Noel for crimes committed between January to August 2009 and August to December 2010 to a church member. Noel, who was 36 years old at the time of his conviction last year, was sentenced to 5 years and 9 months on each of the 2 counts of rape against his accuser. Guyana-born female high court Judge, Justice Paula Gilford dealt with the matter in June 2016 at the No. 2 High Court in St. George’s. … Continue reading

Grenada Relief Efforts to Hurricane Ravaged Countries

The Grenada government has approved EC$1.7 million in monetary assistance to some of the Hurricane ravaged islands across the region. According to Minister of Implementation, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, the two larger amounts will go to Cuba and Dominica which were both badly affected by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago. The minister told reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing that $500,000 will go towards Cuba while Dominica $300,000, and Barbuda, Antigua and Tortola will each receive $200,000. Minister Pierre noted that after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004 in Grenada that a Disaster Relief Account was set up at … Continue reading

Say NO to Back-stabbing

Ouch!!!That hurts!!! It is a norm in society for people to be back-stabbing others, while pretending to be their friends. They often speak evil things against other persons, misleading those to whom they speak, thus damaging the reputation of the persons they speak about, hurting them. Half-truths and outright lies are often included in the things Back-stabbers speak. 1 Peter 2:1 mentions “laying aside all malice … and all evil speakings.” (See James 1:26) Therefore, being malicious and speaking evil things against others is wrong in God’s eyes. Back-stabbers destroy relationships in various institutions, including churches, schools, hospitals, clinics, banks, … Continue reading

Visionary leadership!!!

Recent statements made by current Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell at a ceremony to unveil a monument for the Father of Independence, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy are quite troubling and worrying. Dr. Mitchell told the gathering that “a lack of formal education to some extent may have been one of the problems Sir Eric had” and that “may have affected some of his decisions”. THE NEW TODAY regards this as an attack on the intelligence of Sir Eric who history would record as a far superior leader of this country than Dr. Mitchell with his so-called formal education that landed … Continue reading

Land Distribution in Carriacou

Caretaker for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Tevin Andrews has raised grave concerns over the distribution of state lands on the sister isle. In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Tuesday night, Andrews raised the spectre of corruption on the part of the ruling New National Party (NNP) in its handling of the issue. The initiative was the brainchild of the 1984-90 NNP Administration headed by former Prime Minister, the late Herbert Blaize to provide lands to the poor and landless on the island of Carriacou. The lands are being … Continue reading

Benefit Event for Hurricane Relief

The Ministry of Culture will be joining hands with some private local entertainment promoters to host a benefit event in aid of the islands affected by the ravages of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The event is being organised by a group of local promoters – Wayne Greene, Bobby Steele, Golden Promotions, and Waggy T – with the aim of raising no less than $250, 000.00 for the people of Dominica. Spokesperson for that group, Dexter Mitchell told reporters at a press conference that the event will be held at the National Cricket Stadium at Queen’s Park on October 29. He … Continue reading

Keep Peter out!!!

Everybody in Darbeau know that I am a huge NNP supporter in the Town of St. George. As a former supporter of the Revo, I hated Eric Gairy and Comrade Maurice became my idol. No Coardite can get my support since they killed my leader on the Fort in October 1983. This is precisely the reason that I could not give my support to the NDC because of the presence of Peter, Nazim, Feron Lowe, Chester Humphrey, the late Dr. Lambert and the other RMC gangsters. I have been voting for Dr. Mitchell and NNP since 1995 with Dr. Fletcher … Continue reading